Urban and rural roads are being destroyed by illegal carts and tractor wheels, increasing suffering of common people

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Firoz Alom

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Eati Akter


Trolleys and tractors are running recklessly on the regional roads of Patuakhali city and various upazilas. As a result, urban and rural roads are being damaged. Apart from this, small traffic and common people are suffering, and even fatal accidents have occurred. The administration has no supervision. Trolleys and tractors are constantly moving recklessly with goods on various roads and alleys. Common people are fed up with the pain of trolleys and tractors carrying bricks, soil and sand. These vehicles are moving without permission, signal light and horn. In addition, unskilled and teenagers are sitting in the driver’s seat of most of the cars. As a result, small and big accidents are constantly happening in cities and rural areas. Road congestion, black smoke and noise pollution are destroying the environment. In addition, because of these vehicles, the unpaved roads of the villages are in the process of being damaged. Although tractors are legal only for farming, these vehicles are used to carry goods including brickwork soil, bricks, sand, stones. These vehicles are used for heavy lifting at low cost. However, the administration says strict action will be taken against illegal vehicles.
Illegal gangs are operating in Kalapara, Rangabali, Galachipa, Amtali, Dasmina, Bauphal, Dumki upazilas of Patuakhali. Many tractor owners are loading and unloading produce by attaching additional body to the tractor after cultivation. As a result, rural roads have turned into potholes, which civil society claims will become one of the causes of suffering during monsoons. Conscious people demand that these prohibited vehicles should be brought under control. If not, major accidents may occur due to the influence of these vehicles day by day.
Several motorcycle and easy bike drivers who did not wish to be named said that we are constantly suffering accidents on roads and rural roads due to tractors and trolleys. When they are out on the road, we are very scared to drive. Because there is not enough road space to overcome the side. So we have to read the embarrassment.
In this regard, after talking to the local people and car drivers in Char Kajla of Galachipar, it is known that such cars are running under the management of police station.

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