Wood burning freely in drum chimney brick kilns in Manda, silent administration

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Manda (Naogaon) Representative: Wood is being burned freely in a brick kiln called PSD Bricks using drum chimneys in Manda, Naogaon. Besides, several kilns in the upazila have environment-friendly zigzag chimneys, but they burn wood instead of coal. However, silent administration. As if there is no one to see!
Kiln owners say coal prices have increased at an unusual rate. It is not possible to keep up with the market price while burning bricks with coal. So we are forced to burn wood. Due to the use of wood as fuel, a lot of toxic smoke is emitted from the drum chimney during the brick burning season. The production of fruit trees along with the surrounding cropland is facing damage.
In a brick kiln called PSD Bricks built on the edge of cropland and garden in Paschim Durgapur village of Bishnapur Union No. 14 on the north bank of Fakinni (Rani) river, it was seen on the ground that the workers are bringing wood loaded in vans and stacking it on the eastern side of the kiln. Then they are moved around the basin. Thus, a huge amount of wood of different species is stored in the kiln for burning bricks. At that time, no one in charge including the kiln owner was found.
Several people of Paschim Durgapur village of the upazila said that an influential person named Pintu is working to burn bricks from several places by setting up a brick kiln called PSD Bricks in the agricultural land, educational institutions and various kinds of fruit orchards and residential areas. It is traditional drum chimney kiln. Crop production is reduced due to toxic fumes from burning bricks. Fruits are not coming in mango, litchi and other trees. Even after complaining to various departments about this, there is no remedy.
Abdul Khalek, General Secretary of Upazila Brick Owners Association, said, ‘We are working to burn bricks with coal using environmentally friendly chimneys. On the other hand, firewood is being used instead of coal in several kilns of the upazila. Even after reporting the matter to the administration, no action is being taken. We are also suffering commercially.’
In this regard, Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) Laila Anjuman Banu said that the matter is not known. However, action will be taken against kilns burning wood instead of coal, including drum chimney kilns.

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