Trinamool BNP wants to field candidates for 300 seats in election

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Trinamool BNP wants to field candidates in all constituencies in the upcoming national elections. However, the power given to the Election Commission will be fulfilled by the Election Commission. The party demanded that a level playing field should be created and every party could participate in the elections.

Shamser Mobin Chowdhury, chairman of the party’s national executive committee, said these things at the Trinamool BNP joining ceremony and discussion meeting at the Jatiya Press Club on Wednesday (November 8) at 11:00 am.

He said, we want to participate in the elections. We will prepare for the election. We hope to field candidates from Trinamool BNP in every election. That candidate can sit in the Parliament with the consent of the people, collect the votes of the people and speak for the grassroots people in the Parliament. Trinamool BNP will enter the field, listen to your speech.

He also said that Trinamool BNP means BNP of common people. The country’s hungry people who eat day by day. Today I see our labor brothers are protesting because the price of goods has reached such a level that they cannot afford two meals a day with the salary they get. We demand that they get their fair wages.

He also said that we do not believe in the politics of killing. Let it kill people with logs and kill people with petrol bombs. Trinamool BNP’s main goal is healthy politics as the basis of good governance. I am very proud that so many of you have joined our team. In the future, even if we cannot go to the district, we will go to the divisional city and listen to your speech. All of you are Trinamool BNP leaders. Trinamool cannot be a leader of BNP.

Hundreds of leaders and activists of various parties joined Trinamool BNP in the event.

The main speaker was Trinamool BNP General Secretary Advocate Taimur Alam Khandkar. Trinamool BNP Executive Chairperson Advocate Antara Selima Hooda, Trinamool BNP Senior Vice Chairperson Major (retd.) Dr. were special guests. Sheikh Habibur Rahman, Trinamool BNP Vice Chairperson and Media Wing Chief Salam Mahmud. Trinamool BNP Senior Joint Secretary General conducted the program. Akkas Ali Khan. Trinamool BNP co-chairperson KA Jahangir Mazmadar presided.

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