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 Tamanna Akhter (Chubi), an Honors Master’s student in Mathematics from Comilla University, has been selected as a successful researcher. His research topic was human blood. Comilla University mathematics professors MG Mortuza, EE Jiratzilkakis and M Ferdous (Research Group of Fluid Flow Modeling and Simulation Department of Applied Mathematics University of Dhaka) have long studied the blood cells in the human body, blood flow speed, excess blood secretion during surgery. Stopping, he achieved success by researching different sites of blood and how to destroy cancer cells so that cancer cells cannot spread to all the cells of the body of cancer patients. This success was published in the journal Pushpa Publishing House of India on March 23. A special report was published on the 6th of Eng. Several students of the university participated in this study of blood. Tamanna Akhtar took first place among them. Tamanna Akhter is the daughter of deceased Khorshed Alam Sarkar of Harang village of Chandina Municipality of Chandina Upazila of Comilla. Her mother is Rina Sarkar. Her mother is an insurance worker by profession. Tamanna Akhtar has 6 sisters and 1 brother in her family. Among the siblings, Tamanna Akhtar is the youngest. The teachers and students of his educational institution congratulated him for achieving efficiency and success in this research of his blood. Tamanna Akhtar is a brilliant student. During her studies at Bishwavidyya, she secured first rank in each of the Honors and Masters examinations.

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