Rape allegation against former VC and current registrar of Khulna Agricultural University: Court orders to take case

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MD. Jamal Hossen

Khulna District Correspondent

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Eati Akter


Former Vice-Chancellor (VC) of Khulna Agricultural University (Khukribi). The court ordered to take rape case in the name of Shahidur Rahman Khan and current registrar Khandaker Mazharul Anwar in Sonadanga police station. The woman who complained of rape was initially employed as a store keeper at the Agricultural University. Later he was appointed as Personal Official (PA) of the Vice-Chancellor. According to court sources, the former vice-chancellor lived on the fifth floor of Khukribi’s temporary office. As there was no provision to eat there, the registrar tasked the woman to arrange food. The woman used to deliver food every day. In that context, the vice-chancellor kept giving him ‘bad suggestions’ at various times. At one stage, on 16 December 2021, the vice-chancellor raped the woman with the help of the registrar when she went to give food at around 6 pm. Later, the registrar told the woman, ‘You will not tell anyone about today’s incident. Then you won’t have a job. And I will marry you to sir. You divorce your husband.’ According to court sources, the woman divorced her husband without telling anyone to save her job. From then till 30 November  2022, VC continued to associate with the woman as husband and wife at various times. At one stage, the vice-chancellor was transferred to Khulna at the end of his term. He stopped communicating with the woman. Later on February 7, 2023, when the former VC came to Khulna, the woman met him. At one stage, he cried and asked to get married, but the VC did not agree. Later, the woman informed her relatives and went to Sonadanga Model Police Station to file a case. Instead of accepting the case, the police authorities advised to file the case in the court. According to Khulna Agricultural University sources, the Vice-Chancellor completed his tenure on September 10 last year. Currently he lives in his own house in Mymensingh. The Vice-Chancellor has been accused of illegally appointing his wife, sons and daughters to the university. Former Vice Chancellor of Khulna Agricultural University to talk about the rape allegations. Several attempts were made to contact Shahidur Rahman Khan by phone, but the number was found to be switched off. When asked, Acting Registrar Khandaker Mazharul Anwar said, ‘I don’t know anything about that incident. I am being framed. And if any such incident happened, then it is a personal matter of that woman and the VC. I am not supposed to know that.’

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