RAB-10 arrested 06 members of Easybike robbery gang from Dhaka’s South Keraniganj, Gopalganj’s Kashiani and Madaripur’s Shibchar area after they passed out after eating biscuits mixed with anesthetic drugs

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Since its inception, Rapid Action Battalion (RAB) has been playing a leading role in bringing all types of criminals under the law to maintain the good law and order situation in the country. RAB has been conducting regular operations to arrest the accused in various sensational cases including militants, terrorists, organized criminals, robbers, drug dealers, kidnapping and murder. RAB has already been able to gain the public’s trust in crime control with the continuation of intelligence surveillance and raiding activities.
On June 27, 2023 AD, an easybike driver named Md Feroze (22) living in Hasnabad area under Dakshin Keraniganj police station of Dhaka district went out with an easybike for daily livelihood. Since around 17:00 hours, his family members started searching for Feroze in various places, unable to contact him. Since there was no trace of him, Feroze’s father, Kibria Gazi, made a general diary on 28/06/2023 AD at the Dakshin Keraniganj police station of Dhaka district. Which GD No-1669 dated 28/06/2023 AD. After learning about the incident, a raiding team of RAB-10 launched intelligence surveillance and shadow investigation to rescue the missing EasyBiz driver Feroze.
In continuation of this, the raid team of RAB-10 conducted raids in different areas of South Keraniganj of Dhaka on 04 July 2023 AD based on information technology support and intelligence information. Md. Shafiqul Islam (45), District- Patuakhali, 2. Noor Islam (32), District- Patuakhali, 3. Golam Rabbi (25), District- Khulna, 4. Md. Abdur Rahman (27), District- Patuakhali arrested. According to the information given by them, the same date is 5 from Kashiani area of ​​Gopalganj district. Mosa: Sheema Akhtar (28), District- Patuakhali and Shahnaz (37) were arrested from Shibchar area of ​​Madaripur on 05 July 2023 AD. During the robbery, biscuits mixed with anesthetic, anesthetic medicine, victim Feroz’s mobile phone and 01 stolen CNG were recovered from them.
In the preliminary investigation, it is known that on 27/06/2023 AD, Shafiqul, Noor Islam, Golam Rabbi, Abdur Rahman, Sheema Akhtar and Shahnaz stayed in Hasnabad area under South Keraniganj police station of Dhaka for the purpose of robbing Ejibike. Noor Islam, Golam Rabbi, Sheema and Shahnaz Hasnabad hired victim Feroz’s easy bike to go to the cow market. After going to the cow market, Sheema and Shahnaz go to the cow market after telling Noor Islam and Golam Rabbi to have tea biscuits with the easybike driver victim Feroze. Then Noor Islam and Ghulam Rabbi bought a packet of biscuits similar to the anesthetic biscuits they had with them from a nearby tea shop. Later they subtly changed the biscuit packet and fed the anesthetic-laced biscuits to Easybike driver Feroze.
Later, Noor Islam and Golam Rabbi went and sat on Easybike with victim Feroze. After that, when the anesthetic drug started working on Feroze’s body, they moved Feroze from the area along with the easy bike to Koutil area. After going there, Noor Islam and Golam Rabbi threw the victim Feroz out of the car in a state of disrepair and took him on an easy bike to Pagla area of ​​Narayanganj district and handed him over to their team leader Shafiqul Islam. Shafiqul Islam is said to have sold the said Easybike to a person named Shahid for 30,000/- tk.
The arrested Shafiqul Islam is the party leader of the Ajyan party circle. He is a CNG driver by profession. Under the guise of that profession, he plans and leads CNG/ Easybike robberies by taking anesthetic drugs. Stolen CNG was recovered from him. Besides, it is known that there are 04 cases against him including drugs, theft, dishonestly selling stolen goods.
The arrested Noor Islam is a truck helper by profession. He is said to be responsible for feeding biscuits laced with anesthetics to the drivers under the leadership of Shafiqul for the purpose of robbing CNG/Easybikes.
The arrested Golam Rabbi is an easybike driver by profession. He is said to be responsible for feeding biscuits laced with anesthetic to the drivers and fleeing with the easybike under the leadership of Shafiqul.
Arrested Abdur Rahman is a CNG driver by profession. He was responsible for running the hijacked CNG under the leadership of Shafiqul. It is said that the mobile phone of the victim Feroze was recovered from him.
Arrested Shahnaz was illegally procuring banned anesthetic drugs (khatdhubadhas ndhanasabhng o.ch. 2sam) from various border areas of the country to mix with the biscuit cream. It is known that he and Shafiqul Islam used to rent houses in different areas of Dhaka and surrounding areas as husband and wife and from there they used to mix anesthetics with biscuits and plan to rob Easybikes/CNG.
Arrested Seema Akhter is said to have been responsible for mixing the banned anesthetic drugs with biscuit cream along with Shahnaz and hiring CNG/easybikes to take them to pre-planned locations. Biscuits mixed with anesthetic and anesthetic medicine used in robbery were recovered from Sheema.Legal action is under process against the arrested accused.

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