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Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has emphasized on the practice of domestic sports starting from danguli. He said that we should all take initiative so that our native games are not lost.

He said this while participating in the opening ceremony of the final phase of the 52nd Winter National Sports Competition in Rajshahi virtually from Gana Bhavan on Wednesday (February 7) morning.

The Prime Minister said, our sons and daughters are brilliant. They can do better if given a chance. We have to bring all kinds of games. Some of our native sports, from those dangs, various sports were prevalent earlier. We should restart them. Initiatives should be taken to keep all games active, starting from our own indigenous games, from Hadudu. Everyone, including our sons and daughters, will take initiative so that the native games are not lost.

Sheikh Hasina said that the father of the nation himself was very focused on sports. I think, since Bangladesh has become independent, our boys and girls are getting a wide range of sports opportunities. They can prove their skills even at the international level. This winter national sports competition was started after independence at the initiative of the father of the nation. Our family has always been involved in sports. My grandfather was a football player himself, my father was also a football player and my brothers Jamal, Kamal, Russell were all involved in sports. Even Kamal’s wife Sultana Kamal received the Blue title of Dhaka University. Jamal’s wife Parveen Jamal was also closely involved with the sport. Our mission is to improve the sport.

He said, our sons and daughters’ grandchildren also play football. Football is the most popular sport in Bangladesh, along with it we should develop other domestic sports more attractively. Domestic sports also need to be given importance. Physical exercise is done through sports, bonds of unity are formed from childhood through sports. Along with the competition, a relationship of friendship is formed. That’s why more attention should be paid to the game. We have become more focused on sports since the formation of the government. That is why we started Bangamata football tournament for girls and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman football tournament for boys in primary schools. As well as the inter-school competition has started. Not only football cricket, all sports need. Inter-school, inter-college, inter-university sports competitions should be developed. Then, as our children will exercise their body in sports, their mind and mentality will improve.

The Prime Minister said, our boys and girls need better training. That’s why creating trainers is absolutely necessary. We will build one sports institute in each division, BKSP will be eight in eight divisions. Where our boys and girls will be more proficient in sports from childhood. Our good news today is that we beat Bhutan by four goals. Our girls are doing very well in football. Girls seem to be progressing a bit more in terms of sports, boys are not lagging behind but will go further. If we can provide good training from childhood then they will be able to show their skills.

Urging to give more importance to domestic sports, the head of government said, we are building playgrounds and mini stadiums up to every upazila. We’ve had quite a few more left. The purpose of making it is that our boys and girls can be involved in sports throughout the year.

Rajshahi City Corporation Mayor AHM Khairuzzaman Liton spoke as a special guest in the program presided over by Education Minister Mohibul Hasan Chowdhury Naufel. The event was held at the Liberation Memorial Stadium in Rajshahi.

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