Actress Parimani removed herself from the shooting even before the birth of her child. She returned to shooting again from today. Parimani herself confirmed the matter on Wednesday (August 30) morning. She said, I started working a little earlier. Nothing can be said in detail about the matter.

Meanwhile, Parimani posted a picture on Facebook this morning. She also wrote that she is going to shoot with her mother. In the comments of the Facebook post, artists are expressing a lot of love to Parimani’s son Rajya. A person named Faria Khandkar wrote, Much love for mother, son.

The web film ‘Puff Daddy’ starring Parimani will be released in Bengal on September 7. The web film stars Azad Abul Kalam in the title role. All the mystery around him. From budding actresses to young politicians, everyone flocks to him for help. If you get the blessings of this ‘father’, everyone’s fate will be happy in a magical way! Parimani plays the role of the rising heroine Tina. Who became close with ‘Puff Daddy’ to make his movie a hit. Their intimate scenes are also featured in the recently released trailer of the web film. Apart from this, the closeness of Tina and Parimani has also been seen with Sajal, who plays the role of a young politician.

About the web film, director Sahid Un Nabi said that every person has a father figure or boss in their life. We call them ‘father’. They need cooperation to succeed. Some cooperate out of heart, while others do it for their own benefit. The story of ‘Puff Daddy’ is about the influence of those fathers in people’s lives.

Intekhab Dinar, Shahiduzzaman Salim, Salauddin Lovelu, Bijri Barkatullah, Mautusi Biswas, Farooq Ahmed and others acted in various roles in this movie.

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