Owner of online group Bhumi Dasyu Akhtar and his cadres demand trial of human chains!

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ECB Chatwar, Manikadi, Cantonment area of ​​the capital, Matikata, Bhashantek area of ​​several acres of land occupied by hundreds of residents. Former home minister late Sahara Khatun’s land was not spared from the hands of the encroachers. The victims made this complaint in a human chain in front of the National Press Club on Thursday. Nazim Uddin Bhuiyan, in a written statement on behalf of the victims of the human chain, said that in Manikadi, Matikata, Bhashantek areas, no one is free from the clutches of land robber Akhtar. His cadre forces descended on the ECB premises in a grand celebration of occupation. Even if anyone outside his company worked an inch in this area, he had to work later with his permission. We the common people want to escape from the hands of these land robbers. Immediately, Alamin, a member of his cadre force,
Habi, Chanchal, Azad, Babul, Mamun should be brought under the law quickly.
It is also alleged in the human bond that Aktaruzzaman has taken possession of about two acres of land belonging to former Home Minister late Sahara Khatun through forged documents. This land was in their possession for several men. But the online group has already taken possession of the land with fake documents. There is a case going on in the court. Aktaruzzaman took over the land after the death of Sahara Khatun. After hearing the news of today’s human chain, Akhtar and his cadre forces sent people from an intelligence agency to my office on Tuesday night to find me and threatened the office staff. If you protested against him, the attack, the case started.
A victim named Swapna Khatun complained, “Aktaruzzaman built a market on both sides of the 150-foot road from Matikata ECB square to Kalshi, by taking over the property of many innocent people, including 2 acres of the late Home Minister Sahara Khatun’s 2 acre property.” The victims sought the Prime Minister’s intervention to rescue the occupied land of Manikadi and Matikata Bhashantech areas from the hands of MD Akhtar and his cadre forces in Manabbandhan online group and demand strict justice by bringing them under the law.

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