MCC Budget approval of 572 crore taka for fiscal year 2023-24

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In the budget meeting held at Shaheed Shahabuddin Auditorium on Thursday at 12 noon, the budget of Mymensingh City Corporation (MCC) for the fiscal year 2023-2024 of 572 crore 11 lakh taka  was approved, with a revenue budget of 111 crore taka and a development budget of 460 crore taka . At the same time, a revised budget of 407 crore 94 lakh taka was passed against the proposed budget of 414 crore rupees for the fiscal year 2022-23.

In the proposed budget for the financial year 2023-24, expenditure on general infrastructure sector is 45 crore 22 lakh, expenditure on education sector is 83 lakh 55 thousand, expenditure on health sector is 3 crore 66 lakh, cleanliness sector is 26 crore 34 lakh, power engineering/street lighting sector is 9 crore, social welfare and slums. 1 crore 20 lakhs for development, 4 crores 64 lakhs for miscellaneous sectors, 4 crores 23 lakhs for water sector and 460 crores for development have been fixed.

Before the budget meeting, the 22nd corporation meeting of the month was held at Shahabuddin auditorium at 11 am. Consolidation of the decisions of the 21st meeting, digging of canals to alleviate waterlogging, removal of illegal structures, mosquito killing to prevent dengue and various issues were discussed in the meeting.

Chairman of the meeting, Mayor of Mymensingh City Corporation Md. Ikramul Haque Titu said that they should serve the people by involving themselves more in public welfare work. All efforts should be made to ensure that uninterrupted service to the public is not disrupted.

In his speech, the Mayor said that Mymensingh City Corporation is in a good position in terms of dengue prevention, waste management etc. However, for the overall success of these activities, people’s cooperation is essential. Citizens should come forward in these activities with public awareness.

He also said that within a short period of the announcement of the City Corporation by the courtesy of the Hon’ble Prime Minister, the Hon’ble Prime Minister has given projects worth about 1900 crores to Mymensingh City Corporation. These activities are ongoing across the city. Citizens have already started reaping its benefits. Had it not been for the covid 19 and the Russia-Ukraine war, this program would have been more dynamic, and more development programs would have been possible.

The mayor said that as a result of taking initiatives to clear the encroachment and renovate the canal, even in the recent heavy rains, there was no waterlogging in the Mymensingh City Corporation area.

The Mayor thanked all those involved in clearing and renovating the canal and ordered the continuation of these activities.

In this meeting, the Chief Executive Officer of MOSIK Md. Yusuf Ali, President and Panel Mayor 01 Md. Asif Hossain Don, Panel Mayor 02 Md. Mahbubur Rahman, Panel Mayor 03 Samima Akhter and Councilors, Secretary Md. Arifur Rahman, Chief Accounting Officer Asim Saha, regional executive officers, heads of departments and branches and other officials were present.

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