Madrasah student Sajib, who is suffering from blood cancer, wants to live

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Suffering from blood cancer, Mehdi Hasan aka Sajib (20), a 1st year student of Madrasa Alim, humble and polite, wants to live like this. There is a need for collective sincere cooperation. In other words, his medical expenses have almost stagnated. Mehdi Hasan Sajib is the eldest among 2 sons and 1 daughter of Zainal Abedin and Morsheda Akhter of Manoharpur village, Ward No. 7, Sadar Union, Rajapur Upazila, Jhalkathi District. All those siblings are talented. Father Manoharpur Late Fazlul Haque Sir Jame Masjid Jumma Namaz Khatib, also a small tea, drink seller. The family is in a frenzy after the news of Sneha’s son Sajib suffering from blood cancer. During the treatment under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Monirul Islam, Hematology and Blood Cancer Specialist Associate Professor of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital, Sajib was diagnosed with blood cancer. He was admitted to Dhaka Medical College Hospital for advanced treatment on November 3. Currently, he is under the supervision of Dr. Mohammad Monirul Islam (Department of Hematology, Ward-901, Bed-28, Room No. 05) of Dhaka Medical College and Hospital. 12,000 to 15,000 taka per day is being spent on treatment. Doctor Mohammad Monirul Islam told Zainal Abedin, Sajib’s father, that Sajib will recover inshallah if he is treated continuously for 90 days. 15 to 20 lakhs will be spent on treatment. Already about 2 lakhs have been spent. The child cries out to be alive at the mercy of the poor parents, but the parents and relatives are unable to treat them. Sajib wants to get well and go back to his favorite educational institution Ishaqabad Aleem Madrasa with teachers and classmates. In addition to his own area, his parents appealed to other schools-colleges and madrasahs of the country, generous individuals of the society, district upazila bank-insurance, government and private office court workers, business organizations, MPs of the constituency and above all to the Honorable Prime Minister of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for humanitarian help. Address to send help: Md Zainal Abedin Savings Account Number-0329100010761, Sonali Bank Ltd., Rajapur Branch, Jhalkathi. Mobile and development number- 01729100065.

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