Limon attempted murder case against 6 RAB members in Jhalkathi CID re-investigation ordered after 13 years

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The court accepted the protest of Limon’s mother Henoira Begum against the final report of the Police Bureau of Investigation (PBI) in the case of attempted murder of college student Limon against six RAB members in Jhalkathi and ordered the CID of the Police’s Criminal Investigation Department to re-investigate the case. Judge AHM Imranur Rahman Naraji of Jhalkathi Senior Judicial Magistrate Court gave this order after hearing the application at 12 o’clock on Wednesday. Inspector of court police. Kamruzzaman confirmed this. Advocate Akkas Sikder, the lawyer of Limon’s mother from Law and Arbitration Center, appeared in court on behalf of Limon’s mother.
According to the documents of the case, on March 23, 2011, the then college student Limon Hossain was shot dead while the members of Barisal RAB-8 were conducting an operation against terrorists in Saturia village of Rajapur upazila of Jhalkathi. Later, Limon’s left leg was amputated from the knee by doctors at the paraplegic hospital. On April 10, 2011, Limon’s mother filed a complaint against Barisal RAB-8 DAD Lutfar Rahman, Corporal Mazharul Islam, Cong Md. Abdul Aziz, Naik Muktadir Hossain, Sainik Prahallad Chand and Sainik Kartik Kumar Bisas along with six unidentified RAB members. A case of attempted murder was filed in Jhalakathi court. The case was investigated by SI Abdul Halim Talukdar of Rajapur Police Station and submitted the final report to the court on August 14, 2012, recommending the arrest of the RAB members. Limon’s mother Honoira Begum filed a complaint against the report on August 30, 2012 in the Jhalkathi Senior Judicial Magistrate Court. The court dismissed his plea on 13 February 2013. On March 18, 2013, Henoira Begum filed a revision in the Court of District and Sessions Judge (Revision No. 35/13) against the aggrieved dismissal order. On April 01, 2018, Additional District and Sessions Judge SKM Tofail Hasan granted the revision. After the revision was granted, Niniyor Judicial Magistrate Md Salim Reza directed the PBI on 22 April 2018 to investigate the case. After a long investigation, PBI head office Senior Assistant Superintendent of Police. Aminul Islam again submitted the final report (true) to the court on September 17, 2022. In the report, the PBI stated that the fact that Limon was shot was true, but no witness evidence was found as to who shot him. The case will be revived in future if witness evidence is available. Because of this, the investigating officer submitted the final report to the court. On December 5, 2022, Limon’s mother Henwara Begum filed a protest against this final report. Limon’s mother claims that her son was not a terrorist. A good boy was shot and crippled by a RAB. He demanded a fair and accurate trial of this incident. It should be mentioned that Limon Hossain, who lost a leg in RAB’s alleged gun battle, passed HSC in 2013, Honors in Law in 2018, L.L.M in 2019. In 2020, Limon Hossain joined the service as an assistant lecturer in the law department of Savar Public University. In 2022, Limon married a college student from Jessore’s Abhaynagar police station. Limon Hossain told reporters, RAB shot and paralyzed me unjustly. It is true that I have completed my studies with the love of people at great cost but I cannot forget the cost of losing my leg. As long as I live, I will demand justice for those who crippled me. After the incident in 2011, RAB filed two separate cases against eight people, including Limon, under the Arms Act and obstruction of government work, claiming Limon as a terrorist. All the accused, including Limon, were acquitted by the court in 2018. Human rights organization Ain O Salish Kendra (ASAK) and some lawyers from Jhalkathi have been providing legal assistance to Limon since the beginning of the incident. Advocate Akkas Sikdar, the lawyer of Limon’s mother assigned to the Law and Arbitration Center, said that after the incident, the Rajapur Thana Police investigated the case of attempted murder of Limon and submitted a final report (inaccuracy of information) and recommended the death of the RAB members and termed the entire family including Limon as terrorists. On the other hand, the PBI investigated for almost four years and submitted the final report (truth) to the court. PBI investigating officer in the report referred to Limon as a peaceful student and said that Limon was shot in the firing of RAB and terrorists but it was not possible to identify who shot him. He also said that actually PBI has investigated and found out the real incident but was forced to give the final report by the higher level of the state. But to me the report seems close to the truth. Even if we don’t get justice from any organization, we will get justice from the High Court one day.

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