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The first turntable was made in the country by removing the technology of the British period.  As a result time and money will be saved in Lalmonirhat Railway Division.  The railway department stopped using the British-era turn table at Lalmonirhat for turning the railway engines and coaches when it broke down about three decades ago.  So we had to go to Dhaka to rotate the engine or coach.  Railways will save both time and money if this turn table made in the country is inaugurated in the sick line area of ​​Lalmonirhat railway station.

According to the Lalmonirhat Divisional Railway Office, the railway coach or engine is rotated by placing it on the turn table at certain intervals.  In this, the left wheel moves to the right, the right wheel moves to the left.  As a result, the wheels on both sides wear equally.  This increases the stability of the wheels and reduces the risk of accidents.  During the British period, the then officials brought the machinery and prepared the turn table at Lalmonirhat.

When it broke down in 1993, the railway department stopped using it.  Since then, the coaches and engines of Lalmonirhat division were taken to Dhaka every few months to rotate the coaches and engines.  That would be a waste of time and money.  Therefore, the railways took the initiative to build turn tables in the country.  9th century land was taken for its construction in Sic Line area at Lalmonirhat.

25 lakh rupees allocated for construction.  This turn table has been made in the design and technology of Tasruzzaman (Babu), Engineer (Carriage and Wagon) of Divisional Railway Department.  The construction work started in January this year and was completed in March last year.  It will be inaugurated very soon.

Divisional Railway Department Engineer (Carriage and Wagon) Tasruzzaman (Babu) said, the effectiveness of the turn table made with indigenous technology has been successfully verified.  This is the first turn table manufactured in Bangladesh.  Capable of carrying a load of 350 tons, the turn table has a bridge of 14 tons.  This is the most important part of this device.  The engine and coach are lifted and rotated on it.  The structure consists of three tiers of masonry walls, known as boundary walls, retaining walls and line walls.  Its floor is cast RCC.  It has a water pump to drain the water.

He further said that for the construction of the turn table, a roller thrust bearing capable of carrying a load of 350 tons, eight axle bearings, Hbeams made of MS iron for bridge construction, unused rail lines, unused four wheels of the train, MS top plate, checker plate, bolster plate, MS angle and  GI pipe railings are used.  It is scheduled to be officially inaugurated by the end of this month.

Lalmonirhat Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) Abdus Salam said the turn table has been constructed with fully indigenous technology in a short period of time at a cost of Rs.  It uses unused lines, wheels and other ferrous construction materials.  Railway officials always try to do something new with their talent.  This is an example of that.

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