Lalmonirhat 3 times in a row, fear of severe flooding

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Over the last one week, rains in Lalmonirhat and hill slopes from the upper reaches of the country’s largest Teesta irrigation project have flooded several new areas along the banks of the Teesta as water flowed 14 cm above the water level at the Dalia barrage at 9 am.  It is waterlogged.  The number of water-logged families is gradually increasing.  They also said that the matter has been informed to the higher authorities.

Although the water rises from night to morning, the flow of water is recorded at 3 pm as the day progresses River Teesta: Dalia Point – water level 52.06 m (danger limit = 52.15 m) which is 9 cm below the danger level Kaunia Point – water level 29.09  meters, (danger limit = 28.75 m) which is 34 cm above the danger limit.  Dharla River: Shimulbari Point – Water level 30.17 m, (danger limit = 31.09 m) which is 92 cm below the danger limit.  Patgram Point – Water level 58.32 m (danger limit = 60.35 m) which is 203 cm below the danger limit.  Lalmonirhat 9 this morning.  Rainfall 3 mm since 00:00.  As a result, several families on the left bank of the river have been cut off.

As a result, the members of these water-bound families are in dire straits.  Livestock, poultry and fish farmers are also in dire straits.

The people along the barrage and the river bank said that the water flow of the Teesta river has increased due to heavy rains and hill slopes upstream for the past one week.  All sluices in Lalmonirhat section of Teesta Barrage have been opened to control the flow of water.  Due to the increase in water flow, 5 upazilas of Teesta and Lalmonirhat have experienced floods like the 3rd flood and new areas have been inundated.

There is a shortage of dry food and clean water among water-stressed families.  The drinking water tubewells of most of the families along the river banks have been submerged under the water.  After cooking one meal, it continues for 2/3 meals.

As a result these families are spending sleepless nights.

Sadar Upazila’s Khuniagach area water trap Ejazul said that the water is increasing since night.  The water has started decreasing again since afternoon.  Even though the water has receded, the suffering has increased.

Majedul Islam of Mahishkhocha area of ​​Aditmari said that the lower areas of the river bank have been flooded.  Many ponds have been drowned and fish have been washed away.  I am trying to protect the fish of the pond with a net around.  However, if the water rises further, fish worth several lakhs of rupees will be washed away.  The fish farmer is very worried about the fish in the pond.

Gaddimari Union Parishad Chairman of Hatibandha Upazila Abu Bakkar Siddique Shyamal and Patikapara Union Chairman Mojibul Alam Sahadat said that several families in their union have become waterlogged.  The number of water-logged families is gradually increasing.  They also said that the matter has been informed to the higher authorities.

Asfa Ud Daula, Executive Engineer of Teesta Barrage Dalia Branch, Water Development Board (PUBO), said that the water flow of Teesta has increased due to several days of torrential rains and upstream flows.  So all the water closets are opened and water flow is being controlled.  Although the water has risen overnight, the water flow is flowing below the danger level at 3 pm.

Lalmonirhat District Commissioner Mohammad Ulya said that at Teesta barrage point, the water flows above the danger level in the morning, but in the afternoon it falls and flows below the danger level.  Preparations are made to deal with any situation including emergencies.  We are monitoring the situation through union chairmen and UNOs.

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