Khosru Chowdhury in list of strong candidates for Dhaka 18 seats 12th national election

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Momtaz Uddin Khokon

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Eati Akter


Industrialist Khosru Chowdhury will certainly participate in the upcoming National Assembly elections if the policy makers of the party nominate him. I will fight for A.League, but I will work on behalf of whoever the party nominates. He wants to make an election thinking about the overall development of the area. On the question of how much he has been able to do for the people, he said, “I don’t know how much I have been able to do, but I am serving the helpless as much as I can through marriage arrangements for poor afflicted girls, development of mosques and madrasas, KC Hospital. In addition, we provide educational opportunities to needy and talented students and provide free medical medicines to sick patients. I can say that I am working 100% according to my ability and ability. The present government may not have been able to do 100% work in all areas as expected by the people. But I think it has done more than expected. I have seen the prime minister work tirelessly in his lifetime. Every landless homeless and freedom fighters of Bangladesh have been given free land and furnished houses. Dream Padma bridge, expressway, metro rail, flyover, Kornphuli tunnel, subway all the developments you can talk about have been done by his hands. Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman gave an independent sovereign country. Later Bangabandhu’s daughter promoted us as a developing country i.e. middle income country. Through passport and digital NID, he has brought the world to an acceptable position which is the glory of Bangladesh as a nation. Regarding how much response you will get from the people if you participate in the election, he said that he will get much more support than those who will be candidates. I have been working for the development of the area with my own funding for the past 24 years. I have financially helped 50-60 mosques in Dhaka 18 constituencies. Also, we have been providing financial support for the development of more than 50% of madrasas. We have arranged free education for three percent of the poor and talented students of the educational institutions. To provide non-profit medical services, we regularly provide free treatment with discounts up to 30-35 percent. In this we are subsidizing 10 lakh taka per month from Nipa group. I have helped more than four hundred poor meritorious students of different schools by giving paper and pen salary. Through the KC Foundation, through sports clubs and sports, the youth have been kept away from drugs and addictions. There are senior citizen organizations with about 16,000 members. Where they are given free physical exercise, dress is provided. Also KC Foundation has about 36 thousand members. Khosru Chowdhury is one of the businessmen in the garment industry sector of the country. Apart from the clothing industry, he has a reputation as a philanthropist. Moreover, he has free movement in politics. Who cherished Bangabandhu’s Ardash since his student life. He is now an important person in that earthly group. He established himself as the important industrial and commercial affairs secretary of Dhaka Metropolitan North A. League. Want to go further. He wants to work for the party, wants to work for the common people, with the goal that he wants to take part in the upcoming national elections with the promise of working for the development of the Dhaka Eighth Constituency area. But in that case, this humanitarian businessman and industrialist Khosru Chowdhury said to accept the decision of the party. He is the chairman and managing director of Nipa Group of Industries, a large company in the apparel sector. He was a strong candidate for this seat in the 2020 parliamentary by-election. He will ask the party for this opportunity in the next election as well. He has created a good image in this constituency as he is on the side of ordinary poor hardworking people in various social situations including Corona. Moreover, employment arrangements have been made for about 10 thousand workers in his company. In addition, the number of general beneficiaries due to the establishment of various philanthropic institutions is about 50 thousand. This A.League leader, a resident of Greater Faridpur region, is now living permanently in Uttara. From 1989-93, Shaheed Suhrawardy worked as a Chhatra League worker in the college branch. 90’s anti-dictatorship movement, 2005 anti-caretaker government and election commission as an active activist on the streets. After completing his B.Sc., he got involved in the ready-made garment business in 1995 with a higher degree in garment industry abroad. BGMEA, a large association of garment owners, has established itself as a successful entrepreneur by ensuring hard work and a worker-friendly environment. Currently he is serving as an influential director of the organization.

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