Worshipers are welcomed with cloths and perfumes at an old mosque in the eastern city of Dammam, Saudi Arabia. There is also a large area for bird lovers in the extended part of the mosque, which houses a large number of different species of birds.
The name of the mosque is Amr Bin Al-Jamuh.  At first sight the mosque will seem quite new.  But it is 40 years old and the mosque has been renovated several times.
Clothes and perfumes are given to the worshipers who come to the mosque because sometimes many worshipers come to the mosque in a sweaty state.  They are given clothes on a temporary basis so that they don’t feel uncomfortable in praying. These clothes are kept clean and sterile at all times.  This is done by the mosque authorities as a part of keeping the mosque clean.
 Not only cloth but also incense is burnt in the mosque.  Atar is also given to the worshipers. The ablution area and toilet in the eastern mosque were in the same place, later they were separated.
The extended part of the mosque has an open space for birds, earlier the space was unused, later it was converted into a safe haven for birds.  The mosque has several large windows to ensure worshipers can see the birds.  As a result, a great atmosphere is created from inside the mosque to outside.

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