Human chain of autorickshaw workers against peddlers at Kamalapur in Patuakhali

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Kazi Mamun

Coastal Correspondent

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Eati Akter

Sub editor

Local auto rickshaw workers have formed a human bond against the extortionists of Kamalapur Union of District Sadar Upazila. On Sunday (September 17) at 11 am, all the auto rickshaw workers of Kamalapur Union held a human chain program at North Dhanandi Launch Ghat. The human chain program was organized under the initiative of “No. 5 Kamalapur Union Auto Borak Malik Samiti”. Hundreds of auto rickshaws leave every day from Dakshin Dagandi station of the same union to Kashipur. Although they have been moving peacefully for a long time, the violence of local extortionists has been increasing for some time. Autorickshaw drivers have to pay Tk 20-30 per trip. This chada is raised in the name of Station Vara. No passenger will be able to pick up without paying chada. Sometimes they are chased. This is the complaint of the local autorickshaw workers. The angry auto rickshaw workers said, “We are fed up with the torture of Ripon and Enayet, the local extortionists of Dakshin Dagandi. A group of terrorists led by them took passengers from the station and tortured and harassed us. They chased us several times for not being able to pay the subscription. We have to leave the auto rickshaw bought with loan money and run away. Md. Mahabul Shikder, President of No. 5 Kamalapur Union Auto Borak Malik Samiti, General Secretary Jewel Sardar, Autorickshaw workers Kutti, Imran, Shafiq, Wahab, Bellal, Sahib Ali etc. spoke in the said human bond. At the end of the human bond, the angry auto rickshaw workers staged a protest march against extortionists and terrorists.

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