Human chain demanding removal of headmaster of Cox’s Bazar Municipal Preparatory High School

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Mohammad Aman Ullah

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Eati Akter

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The students of Cox’s Bazar Municipal Preparatory High School protested and formed a human chain demanding the removal of the head teacher Amimul Ehsan Manik. Yesterday, Wednesday (August 30) at noon, the teachers and employees observed a strike in solidarity with this program on the road adjacent to the school gate. The human chain raised 16 charges against the head teacher. Urgent removal is demanded. Otherwise, an indefinite strike and class boycott has been announced. Speakers in the meeting said that on August 20, a no-confidence motion against the head teacher was filed with the mayor of the municipality. 32 out of 40 teachers-employees of the institution have signed this petition. At the same time, the students and parents separately appealed to the Mayor. As a result of this application, the headmaster became more reckless. The teachers complained that Amimul Ehsan Manik was appointed as the new headmaster on July 20, 2022. Since then, the senior teachers of the institution are being insulted and humiliated. Misuse of power, illegal collection of money by holding students as hostages, the salary of the institution run by the municipality is higher than that of the nationalized institution, but joining the teachers’ movement and stopping the teaching of the institution for 18 consecutive days, various anti-government activities, Delawar Hossain Sayedi, convicted of crimes against humanity, is controversial on social media. He has started various mismanagement including comments, threats to dismiss teachers from their jobs, financial irregularities without holding a meeting of the management committee, appointment of teachers without the permission of the municipal authorities. The students also expressed their support for the removal with slogans. Teacher Golam Sarwar said that no such incident had happened in the 57-year history of the institution. The inaction that this headmaster has started after joining is disgusting. Teacher-parent Najehal that has become his natural feature. Maulana Mohammad Idris, who has been teaching in the institution for 29 years, said, “I am an old teacher.” I am also being openly harassed. At the same time, he wants to comment on women teachers and make an arena of irregularities. No one wants this teacher anymore. Paresh Kanti Dey said in his speech, we want to advance the institution by giving classes to students. But today those students are protesting with us. Which is very sad. It needs a quick solution. Among other teachers who spoke at Manabbandhan were ANM Nurul Amin, Ritu Pal, Fatema Jahura, Selima Sultana, Sujan Das, Mohammad Saiful Kabir Saiki, Tahmidul Muntasir, Nayan Kanti Dey, Iffat Sania, Shiuli Dutt, Priyanka Dutt. , Nilufa Yasmin, Nishat Sharmin, Rumi Dash, Alice Pal, Rahanuma Yasmin Tamanna, Sangeetha Dash, Habibur Rahman, Mohammad Farooq, Utfal Chakraborty, Aparajita Barua. Employees include Mohammad Alam Helali, Pintu Mallick, Jiban Chandra Mallick, Zubair Ahmad, Mohammad Saleem. , Nachima Akhtar, Zafar Alam, Swapana Dash etc. spoke. However, the head teacher Amimul Ehsan Manik denied the whole complaint. He said that 16 teachers of the institution have been found to have embezzled money in one year. The teachers have started a conspiracy because of the complaint against them. I will not comment on the matter for the time being. Mayor of Cox’s Bazar Municipality Mahabubur Rahman Chowdhury said that the matter of Amimul Ehsan Manik, head teacher of Cox’s Bazar Municipal Preparatory High School, has already been discussed in the municipal council meeting. The matter is being resolved quickly.

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