Human chain between teachers and students protesting negligence in treatment of school girl

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The teachers and students of Bir Bikram Shahid Khabiruzzaman High School and Pandit Kazi Abul Hossain College formed a human chain to protest the doctor’s negligence in the treatment of Safa, a schoolgirl who was bitten by a snake in Rajbari. This human chain program was held at Bir Bikram Shaheed Khairuzzaman High School ground located in Bahadurpur Union of the upazila around 11:30 am on Thursday. They formed a human chain in protest against the neglect of the treatment of Safa, an eighth grade student of the school who was killed by a snake bite. Safa Jaikeshpur Village Md. Daughter of Shahjahan Mandal.

Bir Bikram Shaheed Khabiruzzan High School Assistant Teacher Md. Under the direction of Abdul Majeed Head teacher Md. Abdul Jalil presided over this human chain program. Lecturer of Pandit Kazi Abul Hossain College said in the human bond. Zahurul Islam, Superintendent of Tarapur Dakhil Madrasa. Abdur Rahim, former General Secretary of Bahadurpur Union Parishad. Rabiul Alam Chhagi etc. Senior assistant teacher of Habaspur K Raj High School conducted the grading. Muslim Uddin Monir. In this human chain, teachers, students and family members of deceased Safar were present at Bir Bikram Shahid Khabiruzzaman High School and Pandit Kazi Abul Hossain College.

Speakers in the human chain said that last Tuesday (August 22) around 2 o’clock in the night, a student named Safa (13) was bitten by a snake. Her family took Safa to Pangsha Upazila Health Complex for treatment around 2:30 am. The doctor on duty at the hospital said that the hospital did not have the vaccine and asked Safar’s family to bring the vaccine from outside. Pangsha’s family took Kushtia on a safari when the vaccine was not available anywhere. Safa died because of this many times.
The reason why they made a human chain, last Wednesday (August 23) a news was published in daily Kaler Kantho newspaper titled ‘School girl’s death without getting vaccine in two hospitals’ about Safa’s death. In the said news, Dr. Suja Uddin, Resident Medical Officer of Pangsha Upazila Health Complex, said that Safa was brought to their hospital at 2:45 p.m. They have stocks of snakebite patient vaccines. However, the patient is asked to sign a risk bond before application. Safar’s family members refused to sign the Ricks’ bond. Because of which he was referred with first aid.

When Safar’s family came to know about the matter through the media, they came live from a Facebook ID named Muslim Uddin Monir and said that no doctor told them that the hospital was there. They were not asked to sign the risk bond. The name of the vaccine was written on a paper and asked to buy this vaccine from outside. If we do not get the vaccine anywhere, we are referred. This human chain was made to protest the doctor’s negligence and lies. Rajbari civil surgeon Dr. Md. Ibrahim Titone said that there is a vaccine for snakebite patients in all 5 upazila health complexes of the district including the district headquarters. There is some confusion about Safa’s death. An inquiry committee has been formed to look into the matter. They have been asked to report within five working days.

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