Goalundo in an hour symbolic UP chairperson, schoolgirl Julekha Akhtar

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Md. Zakir Hossain

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 Schoolgirl Julekha Akhter (15) served as the symbolic chairman for one hour in No. 1 Daulatdia Union Parishad of Golanda Upazila of Rajbari. She performed this duty from 11 am to 12 pm on Tuesday (October 17). Local non-governmental organization Karmajeevi Kalyan Sanstha (KKS) organizes activities in collaboration with Plan International and National Child Task Force (NCTF). Daulatdia Union Parishad Chairman Abdur Rahman Mondal was present at this time. He welcomed the symbolic chairman by placing her in his chair.

Julekha Akhtar is a 10th class student of local freedom fighter Fakir Abdul Jabbar Girls High School and a child parliament member of Daulatdia branch of National Child Task Force (NCTF). She is the daughter of Sheikh Khalek and Zakia Begum of Daulatdia Samchu Master neighborhood. Her father is a small businessman and mother is a housewife. Julekha Akhter has been associated with various children’s organizations for a long time.

During the performance of her duties, Julekha gave important discussions and guidance to those concerned about child marriage, stopping violence and oppression of women, evtizing, dengue awareness and drug control.

She said, I am very motivated today by becoming the symbolic chairman. Along with that I got a lot of idea about the responsibilities and duties of a UP Chairman. For this I express my sincere thanks to the honorable chairman and all concerned of KKS.

Daulatdia Union Parishad Chairman Abdur Rahman Mandal said that today’s young generation and women will one day work for the development of the country. So it is the responsibility of all of us to prepare children for the country from a young age. Julekha performed the role of symbolic chairman today. Hopefully she will be in a better position in the future.

Daulatdia UP Secretary Menamul Hasan Mintu, KKS Program Coordinator Shahadat Hossain, UP Member Gafur Khan, Women Members Nurjahan Begum, Ayesha Begum, Assistant Teacher of Daulatdia Model High School Shamim Sheikh, Plan International Bangladesh Waymove Project Officer Pathik Pal and others were also present.

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News Source

Md. Zakir Hossain

Goalundo (Rajbari) Correspondent

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