District Commissioner inspects schools: orders suspension of teacher’s salary in Akhaura for not being able to sing national anthem

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Moynal Bhuiyan

Brahmanbaria Correspondent

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Eati Akter


The Deputy Commissioner has suspended the salary of a teacher and directed the education officer to show the reason for not being able to sing the full national anthem in Akhaura, Brahmanbaria. He visited Mogra High School of the upazila at 10:30 am on Tuesday and gave this order. That teacher is physical education teacher Md. Sohrab Hosan. Since he was not present in the school, the Education Officer Md. Abul Hossain ordered the UNO to show the reason. It is learned that Deputy Commissioner Md. Shahgir Alam visited Mogra High School around 10:30 am on Tuesday. During the visit, he took various findings of the school. At one point the physical education teacher asked Md Sohrab Hossain to sing the national anthem. But as he could not sing the whole song, the Deputy Commissioner got angry and ordered to suspend the salary of the physical education teacher. The salary will be withheld until the students can sing the full National Anthem cleanly. As secondary education officer Md Abul Hossain was not present at the school, the Deputy Commissioner asked him to issue a show cause notice. When asked about this matter, Upazila Secondary Education Officer Md. Abul Hossain said, “I don’t know about the school that DC Sir has come to visit.” Sir, you can mourn. When asked, Akhaura Upazila Nirbahi Officer Angyajai Marma confirmed the truth of the incident and said that DC Sir Mogra went to the high school and made various inquiries as the physical education teacher Md Sohrab Hoson of that school could not sing the national anthem and ordered his salary to be suspended. Education Officer Md. Abul Hossain ordered to show the reason.

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