Construction of 55 geodetic boundary pillars started Baralekha is the face of light in movement of “Bobarthal Land Rights Implementation Committee”

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Moshahid Ahmad

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Eati Akter


4,40,000 thousand taka of “Bobarthal” pargana in Baralekha. 55 Geodetic under Zonal Settlement Office, Sylhet for cost determination Construction of boundary pillars has started. Finally, about 900,000 families Thousands of citizens and the movement of “Bobarthal land rights implementation committee” of light The face is starting to look. The Tamadi period lasted for about 5 years For a long time (60 years) built houses in the area and preserved the possession and rule In view of the demands of the settled people, the Directorate of Land Records and Survey According to the instructions, the officials of Zonal Settlement Office, Sylhet last 13 and 14 March “Bobarthall” visited the Pargana and Zarif was hostile to the ease of the work Started the installation of geodetic boundary pillars at the site. Present at this time Was- Baralekha Assistant Settlement Officer (Acting) Sanad Kumar Nath, Dirai Assistant Settlement Officer (Acting) Abul Kashem, Asst Settlement Officer (Acting) Ali Azam, Shantiganj, Sunamganj, Asstt Settlement Officer (Acting) Nurul Amin, and Sylhet Surveyor Idun Nabi, Shahbazpur tea garden manager Nuruzzaman, general manager Ali Ahmad, President of “Bobarthal Land Rights Implementation Committee” Ah Razzak, General Secretary Abdur Rahman, prominent social worker Shahid Khan of “Bobarthal”, Chief Rajesh Minister of Gandail Pan Punji, Dr. Jalal Uddin, Taimuch Ali Master, Senior Instructor Fakhr Uddin, Former UP Member Taj Uddin Ahmad etc. If you want to know about this, Baralekha Assistant Settlement Officer (Acting) Sanad Kumar Nath Zarif at inauspicious place for convenience of work Geodetic boundary pillars confirm the authenticity of the work. “Boberthal belongs to the land Rights Implementation Committee President Ah Razzak, General Secretary Abdur Rahman said – Shahbazpur tea plantation authority in Baralekha of “Bobarthal”. Harassing innocent people with false cases and illegalizing slum dwellers is engaged in a conspiracy to eviction. People have been innocent about these issues for a long time Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman’s pledge, the right to land for all, Give back the rights of the land, in different slogans, including to pay Human chains and protest meetings were held. In view of the demands of the people, the environment, Forest and Climate Change Minister Md. Shahab Uddin, Bangladesh National Parliamentarian Director General, Bhumi to start the digital land survey work on the pad Written recommendation to Directorate of Records and Surveyors. Note – 1 vote in Boberthal Centre, 1 BGP Centre, 1 Secondary School under MPO, Govt 3 Primary Schools, 2 Dakhil Madrasas, 5 Hat-Bazars, 2 Christian 4 thousand including Missionary Primary School, 10 Jame Masjids, 4 Khasia Churches Thousands of local citizens of 11 villages, 900 families including voters are Tamadi Has lived in the area for about 5 years (60 years) since many years They have been living by creating possession and preserving the rule.

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