BNP and BNP founders will be proved illegal if independent commission of inquiry is formed: Sheikh Parash

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Today, November 7, 2023 AD, at 11:00 AM, a rally was held in front of the National Magic Hall, organized by Bangladesh Awami Jubo League to commemorate the “Freedom Fighter Killing Day”. Chairman of Bangladesh Awami Jubo League Sheikh Fajre Shams Parash presided over the meeting, Honorable Minister of the Ministry of Liberation War of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh A.K.M. was present as the chief guest. Mozammel Haque MP was present as a special guest, Bangladesh Awami League Liberation War Affairs Secretary Adv. Mrinal Kanti Das, moderated by Bangladesh Awami Jubo League General Secretary Alhaj Md. Mainul Hossain Khan Nikhil.

Bangladesh Awami Jubo League Chairman Sheikh Fajre Shams Parash said in the president’s speech, BNP calls 7th November as “revolution and solidarity” day, but we who understand the simple equation, one thing is clear in our limited knowledge, that many freedom fighters were killed on 7th November in the midst of revolution. 7th November is the day of the tainted conspiracy to kill the brave freedom fighters of Bangladesh, the day of betrayal, the day of trying to establish the politics of Pakistani ideology. Calling this day “Revolution” is nothing but a joke with the nation. There was no revolution that day, and there was no question of people’s solidarity. In fact, on this day in 1975, many soldiers and officers including brave freedom fighter Brigadier Khaled Musharraf, brave freedom fighter Colonel Huda, brave freedom fighter Colonel Haider were killed. Ziaur Rahman illegally seized power on this day by standing over the dead bodies of many soldiers and officers. Later, the BNP party was created through the politics of this murder. A military coup led by Khaled Musharraf, one of the commanders of the liberation war, took place on 3 November to overthrow Bangabandhu’s killers; And the then army chief Ziaur Rahman was arrested in the coup. That is, Khaled Musharraf correctly identified Ziaur Rahman as Bangabandhu’s killer and arrested him. He said that BNP’s National Revolution and Solidarity Day celebration on November 7 and Khaleda Zia’s fake birthday celebration on August 15 are based on the same story. Basically, BNP celebrates victory on these two days. National Revolution and Solidarity Day BNP and some of the defeated communal groups who got the opportunity to do politics in Bangladesh with the welfare of Ziaur Rahman only observe the day. He also said that there is no misdeed that he has not committed to perpetuate power! Declaring himself as army chief and removing Justice Sattar under the threat of gun barrel, usurping the office of president by illegal means, acting as army chief and president at the same time, voting yes or no by showing thumbs to democracy, suspending the constitution and removing secularism and socialism from the constitution by military decree, banning politics. Forming a party under state sponsorship, rehabilitating war criminals, introducing religious-based politics with the opportunity of radical sectarian politics against the spirit of the Liberation War, killing hundreds of army officers and dismissing thousands of army personnel on the charge of so-called Q, blocking the way to the trial of the brutal killings of August 15 by issuing indemnity ordinances. etc. was a long list of his misdeeds.

He also said that Ziaur Rahman was an illegal president for several reasons. He has issued one illegal military decree without regard for the law. The Bangladesh Army Act clearly states that no one can participate in elections or politics until the end of the service period. But in 1977, Ziaur Rahman made himself a single presidential candidate and made a farce of ‘yes or no’ votes. Again in 1978, he was the army chief during the establishment of the BNP party. Elections and party formations were completely illegal and in violation of the law. Which includes treason. Therefore, the demand of the youth today for the posthumous trial and National Commission of Inquiry on Ziaur Rahman is a very relevant demand. Not only for the true face of Ziaur Rahman to be exposed, it will be proved through this commission of inquiry that the establishment of BNP as an organization and Ziaur Rahman as founder are both illegal and the report of this commission of inquiry will play an important role in canceling and banning the registration of BNP. If we review the history of November 7, it can be seen that only Ziaur Rahman and extremist communal groups have benefited from this incident. And the spirit of Bangladesh and liberation war was defeated. In independent Bangladesh, the largest number of freedom fighters were killed on November 7, following the bloody August 15 and November 3. For a long time, Ziaur Rahman’s party, BNP, has misled the young generation of Bangladesh with a false narrative of “revolution and solidarity”. In the age of modern information technology, people are now getting accurate information. People can’t be fooled anymore. The traitor Ziaur Rahman can no longer be made a hero, Ziaur Rahman will be a permanent villain in the pages of Bengali history.

Honorable Minister of Liberation War A.K.M. Mozammel Haque MP said, Ziaur Raman killed the freedom fighters on November 7, 1975 by cue. Ziaur Rahman was the infiltrator in the liberation war and the mastermind behind killing Bangabandhu and his family. The killers knew that if anyone from Bangabandhu’s family survived then the people of Bengal would be united again, so they killed everyone.

He also said that Zia’s family is still plotting to kill Bangabandhu’s daughters. Tariq Rahman sat in Hawa Bhaban and planned a grenade attack on August 21 and killed 24 Awami League leaders and activists. His aim was to kill Bangabandhu’s daughter and make Awami League leaderless.
Bangladesh Awami League Liberation War Affairs Secretary Adv. Mrinal Kanti Das said that all the army officers who played a heroic role in the liberation war were selectively killed on the orders of Ziaur Rahman after the November 7 coup. Even the freedom fighters entered the houses of the soldiers and killed their wives, sons and daughters. They were physically assaulted. This was a brief history of Zia’s sepoy-janata revolution. In the moderator’s speech, General Secretary of Bangladesh Awami Jubo League Alhaj Md. Mainul Hossain Khan Nikhil said, our Jubo League workers are risking their lives on the streets to face this anarchy and illegal blockade of BNP-Jamaat. They are on the streets to protect people’s lives and property. Expressing gratitude.
In the coming days too, they will be on the streets together with common people to prevent any anarchy of BNP-Jamaat. He also said that Ziaur Rahman’s Kustan Tarek Rahman introduced Bangladesh as a militant state on the world map. Accused in the 10-truck arms smuggling case, accused in the August 21st grenade attack case, sat in Hawa Bhawan, Khowab Bhaban and championed corruption in the country. People of the country were given poles instead of electricity. Even today, Tarek Zia, who is on the run, is plotting against the country by sitting on foreign soil. The youth of this country will be on the royal path to respond to all the anti-national conspiracies of BNP-Jamaat.
Jubo League presidium member Adv. Mamunur Rashid, Dr. Khaled Shawkat Ali, Md. Rafiqul Islam, Md. Habibur Rahman Pawan, Md. Enamul Haque Khan, Subhash Chandra Howladar, Engineer Mrinal Kanti Joddar, Tajuddin Ahmed, Md. Jasim Matubbar, Joint General Secretary Biswas Mutiur Rahman Badsha, Subrata Pal, Muhammad Badiul Alam, Organizing Secretary Kazi Mazharul Islam, Dr. Helal Uddin, Md. Saifur Rahman Sohag, Md. Zahir Uddin Khosru, Md. Sohail Parvez, Abu Munir Md. Shahidul Haque Chowdhury Russell, Moshiur Rahman Chapal, Adv. Dr. Shamim Al Saiful Sohag, Dhaka Metropolitan Jubo League North Acting President Zakir Hossain Babul, South Acting President Main Uddin Rana South Acting General Secretary HM Rezaul Karim Reza, Central Jubo League Publicity Secretary Jaydev Nandi, Office Secretary Md. Mostafizur Rahman Masud, Women Affairs Secretary Add. Mukta Akhter, Deputy Secretary of Liberation Affairs. Md Golam Kibria Shamim along with the leaders of the central metropolis and various wards Jubo League.

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