Barura Upazila Health Complex has changed under the leadership of Dr. Kamrul Hasan Sohel

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Mohammad Masood Majumdar:

Dr. Kamrul Hasan Sohel joined Barura Upazila Health Complex as UHFPO on October 6, 2021. Since joining, he has taken various initiatives to make Barura Upazila Health Complex a patient-friendly hospital.

Within 2 months of his joining, Barura Upazila Health Complex started OT for the first time after 56 years. With his single-minded efforts, he started caesarean operation for the first time in Barura Upazila Health Complex. Under his efficient management and capable leadership Barura Upazila Health Complex, once the most backward in Comilla district, is now one of the top upazilas in Comilla district.

Several new services were added to the list of services of Barura Upazila Health Complex in 2022

(1)Operation theater open: Major surgery open, Caesarian operation open.
(2) NCDC (Non-Communicable Diseases) Corner is launched to provide services for various non-communicable diseases including diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, respiratory problems, cancer.
(4) Introduction of ultrasonogram service for maternal health assurance and other diagnosis.
(5) To increase institutional delivery, especially to encourage normal delivery and to reduce maternal and infant mortality, the practice of giving gifts to newborns born by normal delivery in Upazila Health Complex is introduced.

In 2023, an average of 800-1000 patients are receiving services in the outpatient department of Barura Upazila Health Complex every day. An average of 50-60 patients are receiving medical care in the emergency department daily, an average of 45 to 60 patients are receiving care daily in the inpatient department of the 31-bed hospital.

To enhance the beauty of Barura Upazila Health Complex, 4 flower gardens and a herb garden are made and garden lights of different colors enhance the beauty of the garden at night.

Several new services have been added to the list of services of Barura Upazila Health Complex in 2023

(1) A separate prayer room has been arranged for women to pray.
(2) Breast feeding corner has been introduced so that the mothers who come for outpatient services can feed their children safely and smoothly.
(3) Adolescent Health Corner has been launched to ensure adolescent health care.
(4) Mental Health Counseling Corner has been introduced to protect the mental health of patients suffering from various types of mental problems including depression, depression.
(5) Kangaroo Mother Care Ward has been introduced to treat newborns weighing less than 2500 grams.
(6) Kangaroo Mother Care Ward has radiant warmers to maintain body temperature of low birth weight newborns.

In 2022 and 2023, Barura Upazila Health Complex has rewritten all the records of services provided in the past.

Comparative statistics of last 03 years of service:-

Number of Outpatients
2021 = 68,621 people
2022 = 1,13,960 people
2023 = 1,30,897 people
(Up to September 2023)

Number of sub-categories
2021 = 3322 people
2022 = 4904 people
2023 = 5203 people
(Until September 2023)

Emergency department attendants
2021 = 7047 people
2022 = 10903 people
2023 = 12187 people
(Up to September 2023)

Number of cesarean operations
2021 = 00 t
2022 = 105
2023 = 143 t
(Up to September 2023)

Number of major surgeries
2021 = 03 t
2022 = 45 t
2023 = 50 t
(Until September 2023)

Number of normal deliveries
2021 = 267 t
2022 = 564 t
2023 = 417 t
(Up to September 2023)

Number of x-ray services
2021 = 22 t
2022 = 424 t
2023 = 1931 t
(Up to September 2023)

Ultrasonogram Services:
2021 = 00 t
2022 = 50 t
2023 = 1978
(Until September 2023)

Number of service takers from pathology lab
2021 = 5,864 people
2022 = 12,842 people
2023 = 12,837 people
(Until September 2023)

UHFPO Dr. Kamrul Hasan Sohail’s innovative initiative to ensure maternal health services is “Connecting Barura”. Dr. Shahnaz Begum, Gynecologist of Barura Upazila Health Complex, provides advice and health services to pregnant mothers who come to remote community clinics for maternal health care through Zoom link from Upazila Health Complex. The name of this innovative initiative is “Connecting Barura”. As one of the best initiatives, it has won a lot of praise at the Departmental Innovation Fair in Chittagong.

Dr. Kamrul Hasan Sohail, UHFPO of Barura Upazila Health Complex, is credited with radically changing the health services of Barura Upazila Health Complex. This radical change of Barura Upazila Health Complex under his dynamic leadership and efficient management.

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