Bangladesh gave a loan of 200 million or 200 million dollars to Sri Lanka. Bangladesh got back 50 million dollars or 50 million dollars out of that loan. Sri Lanka returned the money on Monday (August 21). Another $50 million is due to be returned on August 30. Bangladesh Bank Executive Director and Spokesperson Majbaul Haque confirmed the matter. He told the media that the time was extended several times due to Sri Lanka’s application. 50 million dollars returned today. We expect the country to return the remaining $150 million in due course. Bangladesh gave a loan of 200 million dollars in four installments during September-October 2021. This loan was given to the country under currency swap system. The one-year loan to the country expired in September last year. Later, in view of their application, the time was extended to three months several times. Bangladesh is getting one and a half percent interest plus London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR) against the loan. In the first phase, on August 19, 2021, Bangladesh Bank released 50 million dollars or 50 million dollars. In the second phase, 100 million or 100 million dollars were given on October 30. And in November of the same year, 5 million dollars were given to the country. Under the one-year loan agreement, the money is to be repaid with interest between August, October and November last year. However, the country failed to repay the loan on time due to its fragile state. Bangladesh Bank currently has a reserve of 2,938 million dollars (29.38 billion dollars) in the country. And according to the accounting system of the International Monetary Organization (IMF), the country’s actual reserves amount to 2,314 billion dollars or 23.14 billion dollars. With this reserve, up to 4 months of import liabilities (about 6 billion dollars per month) can be met.

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