Attempted rape of a mother of two children in Baralekha: Protest meeting demanding to be brought under law

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Mashahid Ahmad

Moulvibazar Correspondent

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Eati Akter


A protest meeting was held in the remote hilly area of “Bobarthol” area on March 4 in the afternoon to demand that those who attempted to molest and forcibly rape the mother of two children of Baralekha “Bobarthol” (Islamnagar) area be brought under the law. Amir, the victim’s husband, spoke at the protest meeting for 2 hours under the chairmanship of Abdur Noor, an elderly person of the area and moderated by Sabbir Hossain Ismat. Hossain, Begum Bibi, Amina Begum, Nazma Begum, Ani Mia, Manu Mia, Abdullah, Jamal Uddin, Balu Mia, Rubel Ahmad, Farooq Hossain, Raju Ahmad, Abdus Chabur, Zakir Hossain etc. About 200 men and women of Boberthol area were present in the protest meeting. The speakers demanded that those involved in the incident be brought under the law immediately. According to the instructions of the learned court, the officer investigating the case said – We are innocent people in the area. The victim’s family is helpless. Receive impartial investigations and witnesses. In the interest of justice Don’t be swayed by anyone’s gestures. We want justice in this matter. It should be noted that on February 12 Sunday evening, there was an allegation of attempted rape and attempted molestation of a mother of two children in the residence of “Bobarthal” (Islamnagar) area. The next day, i.e. 13 February Moulvibazar received treatment at 250-bed district hospital. The victim filed a case against Rashedul Islamgongder in Moulvibazar Women and Child Abuse Prevention Tribunal. The learned court ordered investigation to Moulvibazar district Ansar and VDP officials.

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