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Aditmari Upazila Nirbahi Officer (UNO) of Lalmonirhat GR Sarwar stood by the mother’s side after the son took the land and threw him out of the house.  On Wednesday (August 23) afternoon, UNO went to Tachiran along with Officer-in-Charge (OC) of Aditmari Police Station Mozammel Haque.

Earlier on Tuesday (August 22), a pictorial report was published under the title ‘Allegation that mother was forced out of her home after writing off the land’.  UNOG Sarwar stood beside the helpless old woman.

Old lady Tchiran Bewa (75) is the wife of deceased Anshar Ali of North Gobda village of Durgapur union of Aditmari upazila.  Accused Anwar Hossain (55) is his only son.

According to the complaint, Tatchiran lost his parents and grew up in the shelter of others since birth.  Later Tchiran got married to Anshar Ali of North Gobda village.

Leaving a son and a daughter, husband Anshar Ali died of diarrhea 50 years ago. She raised her six-month-old daughter Anisha and three-year-old son Anwar Hossain by working as a maid in another’s house.  Raised children by sacrificing their own happiness.

After living on other people’s land for a long time, Tchiran Bewa got 54 percent of the land after the marriage of his son and daughter.  As a result, he was buried in that land at his last age.  That land became the old man’s land.  The old woman deeded 11 percent of the house land to her son Anwar Hossain and 15 percent of the cultivated land to her daughter Anisha.  His household expenses were supported by the harvest from the rest of the land and the old age allowance.  The old woman used to cook and eat by her son and son’s wife Ambia (48).

10 months ago, son Anwar Hossain deeded the remaining 28 percent of the cultivated land from his mother.  Then he increased the torture on the mother.  Stop looking for information.  On the contrary, he claimed 20,000 taka for the treatment of his mother in the past days.  Four months ago, the poor old woman Tachiran was kicked out of the house by her son Anwar and his wife Ambia after she failed to pay the money.

The old woman Tachiron went to the house of the only daughter Anisha Begum, who was helpless.  Since then daughter-in-law is taking care of her.  Brother Anwar and his wife were angry with their sister for giving place to their old mother.

Like last year, Anisha planted Aman paddy on 15 percent of the land she got from her mother.  Last Saturday (August 19) Anwar stopped him from going to apply fertilizer on that land.  He claimed that he will not be able to land unless he pays the 20,000 rupees spent on his mother’s treatment.  The old woman lives in the girl’s house, so her daughter Anisha has to pay the money she owes.  Otherwise it cannot land.

Meanwhile, son Anwar is threatening to kill the old woman if she returns home without the 20,000 rupees spent on treatment.  In this incident, Tchiran Bewa filed a written complaint in the name of his son, son’s wife and two grandsons at Aditmari police station last Sunday (August 20) seeking maintenance and safety of his life.

Based on such a complaint, a pictorial report was published last Tuesday (August 22) under the title of ‘Allegation of Depriving the Mother of the Land by Describing the Land’.  Which comes to the attention of the District Commissioner Mohammad Ullah.  Later, Aditmari UNOGR Sarwar went to the old lady on the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner.  He made a compromise between mother and son by talking to the old woman.

UNO arranged to stay at the daughter’s house if the old woman, upset by the behavior of the son’s wife, did not agree to return to the son’s house.  Anwar Hossain, the old woman’s son, promised to give cash and paddy every month to support his mother.

UNO GR Sarwar said, on the instructions of the Deputy Commissioner, I went to the house of the old lady Tchiran and settled the dispute between their mother and son.  As the old woman said, I arranged for her to stay at her daughter’s house.  Son Anwar will pay the cost of mother’s maintenance.

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