Written complaint against teacher Aparna Das to District Commissioner:Threats to students

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Gazi Md. Geyas Uddin

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Eati Akter


A complaint has been lodged with the District Commissioner against Aparna Das, a teacher of Govt. Harchandra Girls Secondary School in Jhalkathi, for mental torture of a class 8 student. His father made this complaint regarding the incident of arbitrariness, slapping and emotional pressure with the student.

According to the source of the complaint, during the annual examination of the student Bushra Mehjabin 8th grade, on Sunday 19/11/23, before the end of the general mathematics examination, the teacher Arpana Das, who was in charge of the examiner, except the additional answer sheet (loose paper) written by the student with the original answer sheet. Pulling the notebook, the student Bushra Mehjabin was thrown out of the hall. Then the student Bushra Mehzabin said, I told ma’am that he took my exam book but left my loose paper on the bench and still asked me to leave the hall room without giving any answer in a hoarse voice. Afzal who was in the room told the incident to sir, sir then folded my notebook and asked us to see if everything is fine, then I checked and saw that there was no page, immediately with the help of Afzal sir, I went to the examination room with my father and saw the loose paper. Bench is lying down. I picked up the said paper and gave it to sir, he pinned it with my account and I came home.

Then last Tuesday, November 21, when my social examination was going on, Arpana Ma’am went to the examination hall and said roll 2 to stand up . I stood in front of all the girls. Ma’am said various insulting things to me like, why did your father write against me, what will that journalist do to me, now I will stop your examination, you have no idea what I can do to you and threatened to look at my father.

The student’s parent Gazi Ghiyas Uddin (Bashir) said, “My daughter Bushra Mehjabin came home and told me in tears that the misdeeds done by teacher Aparna Das when my daughter was doing maths on Sunday and social examination on Tuesday. I am suffering from my daughter’s educational life and overall security. I have submitted a written complaint to the Honorable Deputy Commissioner seeking fair trial of this incident. So that such incidents do not happen to anyone else in the future.

When asked about this, teacher Aparna Das said, when the exam time was over, I was taking notebooks according to serials, then Bushra Mehzabin asked me for 1 minute to write, I gave her time and went to the table with other notebooks. Notebook is left on the table, loose paper is not pinned up 5/7 minutes before the end of exam time. So I failed to notice that there was no loose paper pinned up with his notebook. As far as I know all the main answer sheets were pinned up with additional answer sheets.

The teachers, who did not want to be named, said that drawing teacher Aparna Das has many allegations against her, like she is a drawing teacher. When the students expressed their reluctance to coach him, the students were subjected to mental torture, slapped and abused in unspeakable language. The proof of this is that every girl in the school will say how the torture of Aparna Das goes. In fact, because he has a big official, he has done these misdeeds by defaming his name. He opened a coaching center at his house and continues without anyone to see or talk to. There is no student in the school who has not been slapped by his hand.

Muhammad Nurul Islam, head teacher of the school, said, “I am not aware of this matter, no parent has complained, but if there is a complaint, I will look into it and take appropriate action.”

Deputy Commissioner Farha Gul Nijhum said, I have heard you, but if you file a written complaint, I will take action against the teacher.

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Gazi Md. Geyas Uddin

Jhalkathi Dist.Correspondent

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