World needs to reach consensus on important climate issues – Environment Minister

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Today 16th March Thursday winnie Estrup Petersen, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Denmark to Bangladesh, UAE Ambassador Abdullah Ali Abdullah Khasef Al Hamoudi and Arab Republic of Egypt Charge d’Affaires Mina Makari met Minister of Environment, Forests and Climate Change Md Shahab Uddin at the Ministry’s meeting room at the Bangladesh Secretariat today. Ministry Secretary Dr. Farhina Ahmed, Additional Secretary (Administration) Iqbal Abdullah Haroon, Additional Secretary (Climate Change) Md. Moniruzzaman, Additional Secretary (Environment) Sanjay Kumar Bhowmik and others were present on the occasion. The environment minister said, “We need to reach a consensus on some critical climate issues at COP28 to be held in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.” Sources of funding to address the damage must be finalized at COP28. These damage funds should be new and additional without compromising other funds for adaptation needs. Significant progress also needs to be made in the structure and governance of our erosion damage fund so that it can be operationalized as soon as possible. The environment minister said parties must agree on a ‘mitigation work programme’ to reduce global GHG emissions by 43 per cent by 2030 to keep within reach of 1.5℃. NCQG must have significant progress at COP28 for decision-making at COP29. We need to finalize the definition of climate finance. We also look forward to achieving the milestone of US$100 billion by developed countries before the NCQG is adopted; Without achieving the $100 billion target, setting a new target would not be credible to the parties. The Minister then thanked the Government of Denmark for hosting the Copenhagen Climate Ministerial meeting this month. Ambassador of Denmark to Bangladesh Winnie Estrap Petersen said that Bangladesh is one of the top countries in the world not only as a country at risk of climate change but also in successfully dealing with this risk. Abdullah Ali Abdullah Khaseif Alhammudi, the ambassador of the United Arab Emirates appointed to Bangladesh, expressed optimism that there will be significant progress in other agendas including loss and damage at the COP-28 to be held in the United Arab Emirates next November.

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