With money of a colleague who died in a road accident Talbahana Akhaura Chhatra League President

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President of Brahmanbaria Akhaura Upazila Chhatra League. Shahbuddin Beg Shaplu and his business partners have been accused of squabbling over the money owed by their late colleague. In this regard, the mayor of Akhaura municipality. Late Chhatra League leader Rifat’s mother Parul Akhter has written complaint to Takzil Khalifa Kajol.
Tanzil Shah Tacchan, former president of Upazila Chhatra League, former Chhatra Dal leader Md. Faisal and the former youth group. Three others named Arif have been accused. However, the complaint did not detail the amount of money that was ’embezzled’.
Accused Chhatra League leader Shahbuddin Beg Shaploo and others have denied the allegation. They told the journalists that the late Rashedul Alam Rifat, joint convener of Municipal Chhatra League, is not their business partner. However, for humanitarian reasons, one lakh in cash was given to his father and another one lakh to his kulkhani. Now the propaganda is running.
It is said that after talking to the complaint sources and locals, Radhanagar of Akhaura municipal area. Shah Alam’s son Rashedul Alam Rifat was the joint convener of Municipal Chhatra League. On October 5 last year, while riding a motorcycle, he lost control over a spread breaker in Chinair area of Brahmanbaria and lost his life. Upazila Chhatra League president Shahbuddin Beg Shaplu along with the accused were in tears after the death of their colleague in a road accident. Shahbuddin Beg said that he spent lakhs of rupees on Rifat’s kulkhani and accessories. In the end, allegations of embezzlement of that colleague’s money were made against Shahbuddin Beg Shaploo and business partners.
According to sources, Rifat’s father sold a place in T&T area. Shah Alam. Due to the mediation of the sale of the land and subsequent sale of the land, there was an oral agreement to pay Rifat from the dividend thereof. The matter was also informed to Rifat’s family. But after Rifat’s death, the business partners began to quarrel without explaining his money. Akhaura Municipality Ward No. 6 Councilor Ibrahim Mia Sujan spoke on Rifat’s behalf but could not find any solution. Rather, Rifat’s debt is denied.
Meanwhile, after Rifat’s death, Chhatra League leader Shapalu and others began to spread the word that a lot of money had been spent on his kulkhani. In the meantime, Shaplu earned lakhs of rupees by advocating job transfer for the sake of spending that money. The area also became popular because he spent some money behind an organization of his choice with his help. Due to these reasons, Rifat’s non-payment of dues came to the fore. The fact that Shapal also suddenly spent so much money came to the attention of many.
According to several members of Rifat’s family, his closest relatives themselves spend some money on Kulkhani. But the dividend money from the sale of the land was not given to any of the family. When asked for money through such councillors, they flatly refused. Till now they have not paid the estimated 10 lakh taka owed by Rifat.
In this regard, Shahbuddin Beg Shaploo told reporters, “Rifat is not our business partner.” For mediating the sale of his father’s land, he was given 1 lakh while he was alive and another 1 lakh on the occasion of his kulkhani. Now they are spreading false propaganda against us.
The ward councilor of the municipality, Ibrahim Mia Sujan, said that as a business partner, Rifat owes Tk 10 lakh. Despite many efforts, this money cannot be collected. I don’t understand why they did this with the money of a late colleague. Rifat’s family has filed a complaint with the mayor as he could not resolve the complaint to me.

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