Under initiative of Pallisree, distribution of tree saplings was held among the students for purpose of creation

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Sunday September 3 Palli Karma Sahaya Foundation (PKSF) with financial support Pallisree Prosperity Program conducted by Organization Department, No. 02 Farakkabad Creating awareness for environment protection organized by Union Birol Dinajpur Aimed at Samriddhi program for the students of Baikal education support center Forest and fruit saplings are distributed in between. The opening ceremony It was held in Farakkabad Union Parishad premises. Distribution of saplings The program was auspiciously inaugurated by the Chairman of No. 2 Farakkabad Union A.BM Rashedul Kabir Roni. Union was also present at the event Secretary Abu Said, UP Member Md. Ketabul Islam Ward 1, UP Members 2nd and 3rd Ward and Panel Chairman and Women UP Dignitaries of the union including member Fauzia. In favor of the program Program Coordinator, Samriddhi Programme, Pallisree was present. The guests said to the students and parents, plant trees, dream knit So we have as much space as possible in each family Trees should be planted there, because trees give us oxygen saved How heatwaves vary across the globe Natural disasters are increasing and the balance of the environment is being lost A major reason is deforestation and deforestation. this Farakkabad Union of Pallisree Samriddhi program with importance on the matter In order to create awareness on environmental protection in the 9 districts of the work area, a total of- 760 students from 30 Baikal Samriddhi Education Support Centers Between 1520 fruit and forest tree saplings in phases is distributed. Successful implementation of the program of Samriddhi program Social Development Officers Health Officers perform duties And the whole program was coordinated by Samriddhi Program Coordinator Mahfuza Nazneen.

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