Every vehicle driver plying in Cox’s Bazar city will be brought under the database. There will be a database with every driver’s photo and QR code will be inserted in it. As a result, tourists will be able to get detailed information about the driver through the QR code, said Cox’s Bazar Police Superintendent Md. Mahfuzul Islam. Cox’s Bazar District Police has undertaken the ‘Traffic Awareness Party’ program to implement safe and sound traffic management in the tourist city of Cox’s Bazar. Last Thursday (March 9). Cox’s Bazar Superintendent of Police Md. Mahfuzul Islam inaugurated the program at 11:00 a.m. at the Dolphin intersection of Kalatali. On this occasion, the Superintendent of Police said that if the complete database and QR code are inserted, a kind of connection will be established between drivers and passengers. As a result, the crimes committed by cars will not happen anymore. If any tourist is in danger in the car, he can file a complaint. This initiative is to build a safe tourist city. The slogan of the traffic awareness party is ‘drive beautifully and avoid fines.’ An awareness campaign was also conducted by the district police. Stickers are attached to several motorcycles. Superintendent of Police Md. Mahfuzul Islam said that punishment is inevitable if traffic laws are violated. Car parking is not permitted anywhere. This will be strictly monitored. Additional Superintendent of Police (Administration) Rafiqul Islam, Additional Superintendent of Police (DSB) Jasim Uddin, Officer-in-Charge of Sadar Model Police Station Md. Rafiqul Islam, Traffic Division Md. Amjad Hossain, Police Inspector Jasim Uddin, Md. Tuhin Ahmed, SM Shawkat Hossain, Nirmal Debnath, Palash Chandra Saha, Md. Rafiqul Rahman, senior officers of the traffic sector and district police.

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