To retain source of existence, thunderous voice of Bengalis must be sharpened – Sh.M Rezaul Karim

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Fisheries and Livestock Minister Sh. Rezaul Karim has commented that Bengali’s voice should be sharpened to retain the source of existence.

The minister made this comment in the speech of the chief guest at the discussion meeting titled ‘Fire March and Bangabandhu’ at Nasrul Hamid Auditorium of Dhaka Reporters Unity on Saturday (March 11) morning. The organization organized this discussion meeting on the occasion of the debut of an online-based organization called Vajrakantha-Preranay 7 March.

At that time, the minister also said that Bangabandhu brought the Bengali ethnicity to one place by uniting the Bengalis in villages and towns, Trinamool. Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Christians were all identified as Bengalis. At present, the anti-independence forces and their successors are carrying out terrible conspiracies inside and outside the country. They are spreading propaganda against the country online. A strong stand must be taken against them. To retain the source of existence, the Vajrakantha must be sharpened. Bengaliness should be held not only in the mouth, but in the soul, faith and consciousness.

He also added that as Bangabandhu’s speech on March 7 was the debut of Bengaliness, just as the declaration of independent Bangladesh on March 26 was the debut, similarly the Vajrakantha-Prerna debut on March 7 should capture that consciousness.

He also said that Sheikh Hasina is the nucleus of Awami League, Sheikh Hasina is the existence of Awami League. After brutally killing Bangabandhu, Awami League stood around him like a phoenix after 21 years. The basis of Awami League is the grassroots workers. Awami League has survived by relying on the grassroots whenever there is a bad time. Bangabandhu’s wealth was seven crore people at that time, now Sheikh Hasina’s wealth is 17-18 crore common people of the country.

Sh.M Rezaul Karim said, in the speech of March 7, Bangabandhu highlighted the existing situation, exploitation of the past, what to do, and the way to solve it. In the 18-minute speech, Bangabandhu highlighted the suffering of a nation, highlighted the people’s mandate, highlighted the oppression and oppression of Bengalis, highlighted the alternative proposals, highlighted what Bengalis should do.

He added, if fighting to protect the spirit of liberation war, that will be the work of Awami League. Awami League’s work will be done if it works online by challenging the false campaign against Sheikh Hasina. If a word is uttered against miscreants and anti-independence, it will be the work of Awami League.

Sh.M Rezaul Karim also said that as long as Bangladesh exists, as long as Bengalis exist, no one can take away the red and green flag. All Bengalis should work unitedly as bearers and bearers of the flag.

Bangladesh Awami Jubo League Central Executive Committee Organizing Secretary and Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University Deputy Registrar Dr. The members of the organization called Vajrakantha-Prenana 7 March gave a speech at the discussion meeting under the chairmanship of Helal Uddin.

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