Things to think about- Why victory of Awami League important?

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I am a politically-conscious citizen and voter. I have voted in almost all the national elections of Bangladesh including the 1970 elections. Votes are of immense importance in forming and changing governments. If we all choose honest and patriotic people through our own deliberations, give the responsibility of managing the country to the development-oriented party, then the country moves towards progress and prosperity. Otherwise, political crisis and complications arise in the country. Suffering comes down in public life. The military government (Zia-Ershad), the regime of reactionary fundamentalists and the caretaker government backed by the military can be cited as proof of this. By voting for Awami League in the 1970 elections, we got the country’s independence. Awami League’s relationship with freedom and democracy is inseparable. However, after the murder of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and his family on August 15, 1975, the country’s democratic-progressive forces under the leadership of Awami League have had to fight for a long time to end the undemocratic rule that started in the country and to establish the right of the people to vote. Although the independence of the country was achieved under the leadership of Awami League, it is sad that Awami League had the opportunity to stay in power for a very short time.

Awami League was in power for only three and a half years under the leadership of Bangabandhu after independence. At that time the complex task of rebuilding the war-torn country was progressing very successfully. In that situation, the course of politics was changed by killing Bangabandhu. After 21 long years, Awami League won the 1996 election under the leadership of Sheikh Hasina and got the opportunity to form the government. After coming to power, Awami League was able to initiate several important changes. The trial of Bangabandhu’s assassins took a significant step in breaking out of the culture of impunity and establishing the rule of law in the country. Apart from this, appropriate initiatives were taken to resolve several long-standing issues including the signing of the Mountain Peace Treaty, the Ganga Water Sharing Agreement. Still, Awami League could not be re-elected in the 2001 elections. Not winning the polls despite the gift of relatively good governance was unexpected. From 2001 to 2006, the countrymen, who were fed up with misrule, did not make a mistake in giving the right verdict in the next election. In the 2008 elections, the Grand Alliance under the leadership of Awami League got a chance to come to power.

Seeing the country’s various crises, it seems that the ashes are far away! I will not vote. What happens if I don’t vote? Again, it seems that if many people like me don’t vote, if dishonest and incompetent people win – it will cause more damage to the country. People of the country will have to suffer more if bad people win the elections and come to power.

It should be remembered that the liberation war of Bangladesh took place 47 years ago today. After this, the anti-liberation forces have been directly and indirectly ruling the country for most of the time. During this long time they have tried their best to wash away their sins. They have tried to identify the heroes of the liberation war as villains and to establish the villains as heroes. The new generation is not as familiar with their violent form. During this long time they have been established socially, politically and financially. Millions of people of this country who believe in the spirit of the liberation war cannot look down on the initiative to prosecute such persons. There has been no less effort to prevent war crimes trials, to thwart these trials. Jamaat and their supporters have campaigned worldwide. Anti-Awami League progressives have also criticized this trial process as being in concert with fanatical anti-national forces to seize Awami League.

BNP supporters never criticize or condemn any work of BNP. On the other hand, Awami League supporters or any well-wishers of Awami League do not take into consideration the weapon that they hand over to the enemy by openly criticizing Awami League. Just as the false propaganda of the political opponents is responsible for making Awami League cornered and unpopular, the strong criticism of Awami League’s well-wishers is no less responsible. Awami League certainly has its limitations and shortcomings. But they are not more than BNP-Jamaat. Criticizing the Awami League and paving the way for the rise of communal-fundamentalist groups cannot be logical in any way. Liberation war is the most glorious period of our life. Through this we got an independent country. The progress we have today is possible because Bangladesh became independent. If we were part of Pakistan today, this land would be a poor inhabited area inhabited by militant Taliban.

Which party led us for this freedom gained through the liberation war of 1971? Doesn’t what other parties did at that time, what their roles were, alert our discretion? Yes, it does. That’s why we think, due to the overall role of BNP created in anti-constitutional and undemocratic ways, this party cannot be voted in the 11th National Assembly elections. Why don’t we vote for them? Because they are anti-people, anti-national. Jamaat-e-Islami in particular was against the liberation war, allied with the Pakistani forces. The International Criminal Tribunal has identified Jamaat as a ‘criminal organisation’. The party called BNP was not born then. But since its birth, BNP has always sheltered and supported that anti-liberation war ‘criminal’ group. We hate Jamaat as an anti-liberation force.

A lot of garbage has accumulated in the country. To clean up that garbage, Awami League needs to be given unstinting support for the sake of the country and democracy. Hopefully, the democratic people of Bangladesh will give that opportunity to Awami League. In this case, Awami League should throw the corrupt people out of the boat. The people of the country want a developed and secular Bangladesh. The people of the country have not seen such exceptional leadership like Sheikh Hasina in the last 45 years. He is firm in his actions; A personality who is visionary in political strategy and bold in decision. Some opportunistic intellectuals and some leftist leaders of Bangladesh are trying to say in newspapers and talk shows that there is no democracy in the country, no freedom of speech, people do not have the right to vote – this is not true. If there is no democracy and freedom of speech in the country, how can they talk so much? Where were they from 1975 to 1996? Why were they silent during the One Eleven? Khaleda Zia and Tareq Zia – both convicted for corruption. Currently in many countries leaders are in jail due to corruption.

Sheikh Hasina has made Bangladesh a seat of dignity with her well-thought-out and strong leadership – this is completely true. Yet some people are on the wrong track. They still believe in Pakistani ideology. These misguided people should be brought back to the right path. Let every leader and activist pledge – Awami League’s ascension to power by gaining a single majority through free, fair, beautiful and participatory elections. For this, every leader and activist of Awami League must be honest, corruption-free, good-natured, virtuous and patriotic. Awami League is a party of the people. Awami League should move forward with faith in people. Awami League will create a new history by forming the government for the third time keeping the people of the country united. It is not possible for everyone to write a new history. People of Bengal believe that nothing is impossible for Sheikh Hasina today. He alone can build a happy and prosperous Smart Bangla in the spirit of liberation war, Awami League should be brought back to power for the sake of maintaining the continuity of development and progress.

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Aminul Islam Amin

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