There are complaints of forcible occupation of settlement land, threats to cancel settlement without notice ​

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Char Kajal, Char Biswas, Char Bangla, Char of Galachipa Upazila of Patuakhali District Maya, Dar Agasti, Dalir Char, Char Prashant, Baher Char, etc. Land robbers are being built as a haven for robbers. There are complaints about the people living in dipchars Besides, the grazing of cattle, cows and buffaloes is worth mentioning. The people of this Char region are among the cash crops There is fishing and cultivation of various types of rabies and melons. Recently, cows and buffaloes are growing in these pastures Theft and extortion. On the surface, it can be seen in the South Char Biswas area of Galachipar Char Biswas Union In August, Daksu VP Nuru illegally took possession of local well-known Nazrul’s Char. Aunt Renu Akta or Parveen. Land owners said that Renu Akhtar or Parveen are outsiders In the middle of the night, Desi also took possession of Char Agasti’s 413 acres of land at gunpoint. With the help of the Coastal Forest Department and the Local Government Department, it was provided through Banva Bastar. fodder With forced occupation, a safe township has been gradually built for smuggling illegal drugs and cattle and buffaloes. Constantly The river is being plowed by Vekku as if he were plowing the soil in his own land. Government settlement Md. Nazrul Islam, father of deceased Razzak Howladar, the owner of the char, said, I am a politician People, me and my relatives, including the former chairman Haji Matiur Rahman Saheb, him and 413 acres of land was taken by government along with local residents through settlement application and that We have been occupying for 15 years. Last year and a half ago we made three raw They beat up the workers and relatives in the tin house and in the house with desi weapons Fences, which was quickly reported in writing to the Upazila Nirbahi Officer 1 Section 144 But I still haven’t received any kind of justice. In recent times, the locals have been rearing cows in this controversial pasture The buffalo was stolen in the dark of the night even after paying a large amount of money to feed the pasture. Buffalo theft If you search for the whole thing, you will find sensational information that Renu, the land grabber, illegally occupied the pasture. Akhtar or Parveen’s younger brother Shahin and cousin Hasan resident of Rangabali in Kalapara upazila. (Professionally selling cows, buffaloes) Meanwhile, a woman living in Renu Parveen’s pasture is the owner of stolen buffaloes. It can be found that Hasan and Shaheen introduced themselves as sisters, two buffaloes in Kalaiya local market sell According to sources, it can be seen that Char Nachal of Galachipa Upazila of Patuakhali District belongs to Char Biswas Union On the banks of the river Tetulia, a char called Char Wahab was built around 1945. Bangladesh Survey (BS) According to Hahadyan, this char of 270 to 280 acres was acquired in 1959-60 in the then Bakerganj district. Landless people were then given 3 acres of settlement. Later in 1969 when Patuakhali district This char was included in Patuakhali district when it was declared. Then again in different places in 1977-78 In the year 2 and a half and in 1997-98 one and a half acres were given settlement from the government to various landless people. Since this char is in the middle border of Patuakhali district and Bhola district, this char is part of this Patuakhali district. Char is among the people of Mujibnagar union of Bhola district along with Char Biswas and Char Kajal union The dispute over the ownership had been going on for about fifty-one years. The cases of the two districts are multiple and Many innocent farmers have been jailed as defendants in the case, attacks have taken place many times. This is their pasture and this is their wealth Kashem Mridha (55) of Char Biswas had to give his life in the fight to protect the farmers of the two districts.
A person who did not have one armful of land in that pasture. However, in 2022, the public representatives of the two districts and the district After many attempts by the administration to resolve this long-standing problem, the peace agreement is beneficial The people of Mujibnagar Union of Bhola district have moved away from this fertile land. Cement pillar in the char The boundaries of the two upazilas of the two districts were determined by settlement, and still people make dwellings in this area Doing hundreds of citizens of Bhola district and sold that land in Bhola district and Patuakhali district Many people. At present, various types of cases and attacks are seen again in Char Biswas. The said Alacheti Renu Parveen Atangke is currently the entire char area of the district. Allegations of different types of complaints Local administration Upazila Nirbahi officers and police went to Sarzamin but returned in the face of various obstacles What has happened and whether the police of the local outpost seized the fodder to inquire about the source of the complaint. The women had to come back after facing the weapons in their hands. Extent of land grabbing tandav in Zeno days Encroachments are increasing day by day, Renu Akhter or Parveen is starting new based on the coming watermelon season. According to Mahayiga, various papers have been published in newspapers recently about Charbiswam Various complaints. In the complaint, watermelon farmers said that fifty local residents since 2004 The children of the family with the official ownership of the staple and main income crop watermelon cultivation. had been living well with, suddenly with the help of Tahsildar some new names like, Howladar, Roni Dak, Alil Howladar (cousin of VP Noor) who is the aunt of Renu Akhtar. currently Several farmers, farmers, day laborers from all over the world are unwilling to reveal their names out of fear of Renu Akhter. People claim land grabber Renu Akhter in front of her husband Zakir Tehsildar in our illegal Our settlement land without any notice or documents is the relative of Renu Akhtar and Daksu VP Nuru. Tahshildar Saheb is listening to the government officers to pay in the name of the relatives. Watermelon season To protect Char and the local common people from the invasion of “land bandits”, the government hastened to Bahadur. Urged to take appropriate steps. Common people think that Char’s peaceful environment is law and order About several thousand people of Char are spending their days in fear and worry that deterioration may occur.

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