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Introduction of Teestar-Dharla as a clear water river.  Due to the navigable crisis, the monsoon overflows with little water.  Houses, farms were destroyed.  But it is completely opposite in dry season.  The awakened meadows are filled with flowers and crops.  Char farmers spend busy and happy time cultivating various crops including almonds, corn, potatoes, sweet pumpkin.  This time they are happier than ever.

Sikkim’s Chungthang Dam broke and the Teesta was swept away in a day.  Even though there was no lack of danger then, now the banks of the Teesta are happy.  That flood brought the muddiest water in living memory.  As the water receded, 1 to 3 feet of silt accumulated on Teesta’s shiny sand.  And in this silty sand, crops are grown using little fertilizer and water.  Already, there has been a large yield of aman cultivated in fodder.  There has also been success in the cultivation of several vegetables including nuts.  Cash crops like potatoes, corn, tobacco, garlic, sweet pumpkin are showing potential.

According to the Department of Agriculture, 8,500 hectares were under cultivation during last Rabi season.  However, there are about 15 thousand hectares of cultivable land in Teesta Char.  New chars are constantly being made cultivable.  Where there is only sand, alternative arrangements are being brought under cultivation.  Rapeseed, rice, jute, potatoes, almonds, maize, onions, chillies, pulses, these cash crops are mostly produced in grazing areas.

Sadar Upazila’s Khuniyagach farmer Mofa Mia said, “This time, 2/3 feet of silt has accumulated in some low places.  I have never seen such silt on sand in my life.  Now whatever is being planted is growing fast.  .’

Rezaul Islam, a farmer of Mahishkhochcha union of Aditmari upazila, said, “This time the Indian dam has broken and very muddy water has come.  Such muddy water has never come.  White sand has turned black.  This time the yield is very good.

Expect very good yield at very low cost

Rabbani Azizar of the same union said, “Where there was never rice, now there is rice.  The other time, 6 maunds of paddy was grown in a bigha with fertilizer and water. Now, there has been 18 to 20 maunds of paddy.

Abdur Rahim, a farmer of Char Shaulmari in Kaliganj planted sweet pumpkin 28 days ago.  So far no fertilizers have been applied.  The tree is vigorous and grows to 4/5 feet tall.  Hoping to get very good results at a very low cost.

Faridul Islam, deputy assistant agricultural officer of Bhotmari block, said, “Sweet pumpkin is being cultivated in sand up to 4 acres in my two places.  Cultivation of sweet pumpkin and watermelon is being done through agricultural stimulation.  Milk is being cultivated as a companion crop to watermelon.  Apart from this, corn, rice, onion, onion seeds, gourd, wheat and other crops are being cultivated.

Farmers are blessed with muddy water black soil

Moshiur Rahman, senior scientific officer of the Soil Research Institute said, “The water that comes from high places or mountains brings different nutrients.”  Flood water has several layers.  First there are three levels;  Sand, silt, foam.  Due to the weight of the sand, the sand will fall first followed by silt or mud and then foam.  Where only sand falls, good land will also be wasted.  And any barren land will become fertile if the frothy part of the water with the silt falls.  It’s a blessing.  Usually up to 10 inches of silt accumulates.

Lalmonirhat Agriculture Department Deputy Director (Cereals) Syed Sifad Jahan said silt falls every year.  This time more has fallen after the floods in Sikkim.  Aman yield of 3.02 metric tons (calculated rice) per hectare has been obtained so far.  The final calculation is yet to be done.  A lot of micronutrients remain in the soil due to sedimentation.  Chemical fertilizers should not be applied if the soil does not show signs of malnutrition.  However, some soil nutrients may have to be given in some lands.

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