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Technical education is essential for a country to become a developing country. Education is one of the five basic human needs. But that is education Can be general education or technical education. To transform a country into a developing country In addition to general education, technical education is absolutely necessary. The people of the country are technical The better the education, the better the economic condition of the country The number of people is also very less compared to other countries. So our country is developing in the world At the national level, we should pay more attention to technical education A large part of the total population of our country is unemployed. This unemployed population This huge unemployed population is our wealth if we can educate them in technical education Will change.

The face of our country will change in a very short time. Hundreds of hurdles By crossing our Bangladesh is now on the path of development much more than before. Currently Bangladesh is progressing through various stages of progress. Development is on the highway Bangladesh Bangladesh is now in the list of lower middle income countries. the middle Bangladesh is moving forward on the way to rise in the list of income countries. But one At the time Bangladesh was in the list of poor countries. Also called bottomless basket It happened to Bangladesh. But the progress of Bangladesh in the last few decades is easily visible like The development of Bangladesh is now a matter of global discussion. Bangladesh is gradually advancing Go created a surprise in the international arena. We are many people in a small land I live Currently the total population of Bangladesh is 16 crores. compared to the total volume As population pressure is high, scarcity, poverty, unemployment naturally remain. of the world Bangladesh is not able to move forward at the same speed as different countries are moving forward.

The economy of Bangladesh was once completely dependent on agriculture. But now Bangladesh The garment industry is making a significant contribution to the economy. Bangladesh is one of the most developed in the world It has reached a brilliant position as a garment exporting country. Bangladesh through this Every year foreign exchange earnings continue to surpass previous records. Also New items are being added to our export product list. Today in Bangladesh Manufactured various industrial goods, electronics products are going to many countries of the world. of these There is a good demand. Bangladesh was once known as a major agricultural country In the international arena, much of it has moved away with the passage of time. Various technologies Bikash, industrialized economy reigns economically, politically, socially throughout the world It has brought revolutionary changes in the structure. Now global technical knowledge is easily appreciated in sight More than one crore people have left Bangladesh abroad for various jobs are engaged. Remittances sent by expatriate workers boost the economy of Bangladesh It has been created for a long time.

Including various countries in the Middle East, Europe, Africa Countless people of Bangladesh are engaged in various professions in America. Manpower sector It is possible to increase the amount of foreign currency earned from it at present. Because currently Bangladesh is unskilled in various countries including Middle East, Asia, Europe, America, Uneducated workers without technical knowledge skilled experienced technical knowledge in other countries Jana is forced to work for much less than educated workers. unskilled, Semi-skilled unskilled workers, hiring authorities on wages of workers, There is no opportunity to negotiate with the owner. They have technical knowledge of other countries Educated skilled workers are in a much weaker and disadvantaged position in this regard stay As a result they cannot demand higher rates of remuneration. They are forced He works there for a relatively low salary. Because of this international competitiveness Bangladesh is still far behind in the labor market.

As a result, Bangladesh exports manpower The sector is failing to earn foreign exchange as expected. But Bangladesh is here He could earn a huge amount of foreign currency. If educated in technical education Bangladeshi workers can go abroad with suitable jobs Can compete with workers from other countries in the competitive labor market. Bangladesh Workers work hard, but lack of technical education makes them unskilled, semi-skilled They are being hired as skilled workers. As a result, they are not getting proper value for their labor In most cases. Due to their own limitations and weaknesses, they work for low wages Gotta be satisfied. It has been going on like this for ages. In this case, from the side of the government Insistence on various types of technical education before taking a job abroad being given That is why the government has established many institutes for technical education across the country. Vocational Training Center established. Where mechanical, electrical, civil, Short and long term courses are available on Automobile Engineering. these Skilled themselves by gaining knowledge in various technical matters at low cost in the organization, In the international labor market by developing experienced, technical knowledge workers It is possible to fulfill the demand.

Nowadays, many people take this matter very seriously took As a result, the number of young women interested in getting educated in technical education increasing If you want to increase your price in the labor market in the country or abroad, technical education is necessary Accomplished skilled experienced workers are in good and advantageous condition. official Technical Training Institute, Vocational Training SoEnterprises as well as private enterprises Technical training institutes have been established in various district towns and even at the upazila level. Again, there are various technical training institutes established by NGOs Many unemployed young women are receiving such technical knowledge and training. This is how By training themselves they are transforming into skilled manpower. in the labor market Remuneration, opportunity to negotiate salary through experience, skill assessment They are getting This is how they are moving forward step by step towards changing their destiny. One thing everyone should seriously consider is that our vast Population, if it cannot be converted into manpower or human resources, population is huge Under the pressure of understanding, our economic, social, political structure will be disrupted in many ways.

Day by day dire crisis will come before us. socio-political unrest, Criminality, degradation of values, drug addiction etc. will continue to increase undesirably. In recent times militancy has spread in Bangladesh. It is also extremely uncomfortable for us has become the cause. If most of the men and women of a populous country are able-bodied and If you are able to earn, the economic base of the country is bound to be strong naturally. We have to try to transform our population into manpower. Then it will become a public resource. How we use our public resources within the country No matter how it is planted, it will bring us a new message of prosperity. Different dimensions in economics will add We aim to transform manpower into a public resource by enriching it with technical knowledge Everyone should come forward consciously. It is right to move the country forward on the path of prosperity and effective means. The talent, labor and skills of unemployed, unskilled youth A lot more in our national life if mindfulness is not utilized properly Disaster can strike. We don’t want that at all. To take the country to a prosperous bright future, the huge burden of population It should be considered as a blessing rather than a curse. The technology required for this There is no alternative to the spread of education.

Technically educated youth are ours The face of the economy can change even more. Not only in the country, but in different countries of the world They can take a good paying job. Fit and better in the international labor market They can easily get paid job opportunities. Thus our expatriate remittances A huge tide can be created in the stream. So the government of our country is the head of the country and the country is high Rich people should come forward to remove the unemployment of the country. Officially Private technical training in every upazila of the country even up to the union level Center should be set up. So that all the boys and girls of our country are normal After being educated in education they should be educated in technical education for the urge of work Can.

The parents of our country educate their sons and daughters in technical education It should be made interested in doing. Knowing the technical work in many industries in our country People have to be brought from abroad. So the industrialists of our country should have these people Educate the people of the country in technical education for their employment without bringing them from abroad arrange This will remove the unemployment of our country, on the other hand, our country’s money Will stay in the country. The amount of money paid to a laborer brought from abroad Given, a worker in our country is paid half or less than that Let go.

Therefore, the country’s scholars think that it is necessary to pay attention to this matter.

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