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Patuakhali Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital Dr. Dr. Bazlur Rahman, the visually impaired principal, regular medical officer of the college. The teachers have demanded the removal of Fatima Akhter Ruma, alleging various irregularities including abusing and molesting her.

Patuakhali Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital President and Deputy Commissioner and Chairman of Integrated Education Council in a written complaint Dr. Fatema Akhter Ruma, Medical Officer of the college mentioned that on the day of the incident on 18.02.2024 at 9.30 am in the principal’s room along with the teachers and medical officers of the college. The meeting was arranged. During the approval process of reading the resolution of the previous meeting, Md. When the members present in the meeting objected to the appointment of Hanif, the principal gave additional powers. Mentioned that Hanif can be appointed as an additional peon. When the Principal objected to this proposal, the Principal Dr. Bazlur Rahman College Medical Officer Dr. Fatema Akhter Ruma stood up from her chair and threatened to throw her out of the meeting saying that she was uncivilized and stupid. Inhuman treatment and humiliation. Dr. Barek got up from his chair and shouted three times to raise his hand, intimidated the medical officer using unspeakable language and pressured everyone including Dr. Rumake to sign the resolution book in advance. By showing the signature of the presence of the meeting, what was not discussed in the resolution, the principal approved the resolution as a unanimous decision.

In the complaint, Dr. Fatema Akhter Ruma also mentioned that the meeting dated 18.02.24 was declared closed without any discussion. According to the principal Mr. Power, the teachers and doctors of the college have been misbehaving many times and threatening to leave their jobs. Teachers, medical officials do not dare to open their mouths for fear of going to work.

In the complaint submitted to the Deputy Commissioner, the teachers and medical officials of the college have demanded his removal subject to the investigation of the complaint brought against the incompetent principal Dr. Bazlur Rahman, who has no visual ability.

Due to the principal’s irregularity and arbitrariness and lack of vision, many people said that there is great anger among teachers, students and local guardians as a result of the closure of the administrative and academic activities of the homeopathic medical college and hospital. In this situation, in order to complete the academic and administrative work in the fastest possible time, Dr. Sheikh Md. Iftekhar Uddin, Member of the Executive Council of Bangladesh Homeopathic Medical Education Council and Registrar- Cum-Secretary Dr. Md. Jahangir Alamdway has sent a letter to the President of the Managing Committee of Patuakhali Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital. District Commissioner Md. Noor Qutubul Alam said, I have received the chairman’s letter and a complaint from the college teachers. By investigating

Bangladesh Homeopathic Medical Education Council Action will be taken after discussing with the chairman. Dr. Fatema Akhter said, I heard that the DC sir has appointed an officer to investigate.

When asked about this, Principal Dr. Bazlur Rahman said that Barek and I have not spoken bad words to anyone. They are plotting against me.

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