Soonerah’s mysterious status is in the discussion about Tisha

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Actress Sunerah Binte Kamal posted a mysterious status on social media while small screen actress Tanzin Tisha was in the limelight for her sudden hospitalization.

He gave a stern warning on Facebook. Said, don’t tolerate any kind of trolls or lies about personal life. He also requested him not to associate with his friends in a dirty manner.

Soonerah made a post on her verified Facebook account on Thursday (November 16) evening.

There she wrote, ‘As an actress, I am naturally a public figure. It is natural that my audience will be interested in my personal life. I chose this life myself. ‘

However, he has warned that he will not tolerate any false trolls about him.

Sunerah wrote, ‘I have no objection to anyone’s discussion or criticism. But I will not tolerate anyone trolling me by believing their lies. ‘

Saying that life is not a script, the actress also wrote, ‘I don’t have endless time or energy to script my life. One thing I want to make clear is that it is up to me how much I show or tell whom, but if there is any confusion about something, I am willing to clear that too. ‘

Sunerah wrote, ‘I do not take refuge in lies and inshallah never will. If I had said that there was or would be nothing but friendship, that was the only truth. As for the rest, I believe time will tell. Please don’t mess with my friends. thank you ‘

The sudden status of the ‘No Dorai’ star has created many questions among his fans. Who trolled him! Who lied rattle!

Sunerah did not clarify any of this in the long post. But it is clear from his post that some new controversy or discussion may have been created about him in the name of friendship relationship. Which the actress did not like.

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