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In this era of globalization of information technology, people from all over the world are now dependent on information technology. But the most widely used product invented by information technology is the mobile. These mobile phones include mobile phones with different names invented by different companies. All of them are for human use. But do we who use these phones ever think about how harmful it is to our human society due to excessive use. no But various research institutes of the world are researching the advantages/disadvantages of using this mobile phone. They are showing the pros and cons of using this phone to people. They did not say that mobile phones cannot be used. They say to use mobile phone must follow some rules. This will benefit people physically and save the economy. But many of us continue to ignore their research rules. Especially Bengalis.

Because of that, a large part of the population of Bangladesh is unemployed. Because they have no work, everyone is busy with mobile phones all the time. By doing this, they are facing severe physical damage. There is no law to watch these in Bangladesh. People of all ages are getting addicted to mobiles. Which is more terrible than drug addicts, children/old women now have smart phones in their hands. And while using smart phones, unemployed children first steal money from their parents’ pockets at home and then steal outside when they are disciplined at home. Their character is going downhill to buy the net to run smartphones. Another notable thing is that people who are abroad for work send smartphones from abroad for their housewives and many bring them when they come to please their wives or when their husbands go abroad. Goes with smartphone to communicate with husband. In the end, it becomes dark for the husband or for the husband’s family. The husband sends money to his wife by working hard in a foreign land and the wife gets the money and mobile phone sent by the husband and after having an estranged child with a man, leaves with someone else with the money. Such incidents are happening frequently in the country.

Boys/girls are not inquiring about what they are doing on their mobile phones for hours in the name of online classes in educational institutions. The uninitiated think they are studying on mobile. Not even asking what it is actually doing. Because of this mobile phone, theft, robbery, murder are often taking place in the country. What will the law enforcement people do? Men and women of all ages are now becoming mobile addicts.

Due to current 5G, WiFi, various smart devices, the death rate is increasing at a fast pace. Even the device that is kept beside during sleep is constantly damaging the brain. Psychologists say, anxiety, work pressure and many people spend their days on the phone. In such a situation, sleep texting can happen. In this People’s reluctance to sleep increases. On the other hand, many people are busy using smart devices, starting from crossing the road and doing a lot of work. Many people walk on the train line, so the death rate is also increasing. An Australian study has said that the increase in the death rate is attributed to the drivers’ use of smart phones and texting. Because since 2013, 31 percent of road deaths are due to this reason.

However, this number was 51 percent in the United States in 2009, and 20 percent of deaths from smart devices while walking on sidewalks in Australia in 2017. Many times it is seen that many people are crossing the road while using their phones, ignoring the street cars, buses and even motorbikes. So many times the number of deaths on the roads is increasing day by day due to eccentricity. Thanks to technology, our students are able to take classes online. But the former President of India APJ Abul Kalam has a saying, technology is a double-edged sword. If you go left it will cut, if you go right it will cut. Just as the right use is beneficial, its misuse is extremely harmful.

According to expert doctors, the electrolytic radiation of the device is harmful to human health. All this attention on the small screen is causing neck pain, headaches, eye sight loss. According to them, under no circumstances should the device be used for more than 40-45 minutes continuously. According to him, there is a danger of children being exposed to serious harm due to misuse of mobile phones. Not only children, people of all ages can suffer from various problems including tumors, memory and vision loss. There may be death at some point. So everyone should be careful while using mobile. Now is the time for research, cigarettes are more harmful than mobile phones. Which is more harmful to humans? According to many doctors, mobile phones are no less harmful than cigarettes.

As a result, one has to be careful in using the device. By 2007, after the release of the iPhone, many people did not understand the full harmful effects of the ‘device’. Apple’s smart iPhone used to feel stylish. But before that, many people got used to using smart phones. Psychologists say that using smart phones can cause neck pain. Eyesight may decrease. Ophthalmologists in the UK have warned that excessive use of phones can cause vision impairment. This can lead to myopia or poor vision. Smartphone users usually use it keeping a distance of 30 cm from the eyes. However, in many cases this distance is only 18 cm. Using the phone so close puts pressure on the eyes.

As well as One problem is hearing loss. Ear problems due to phone use Making it depends on the habit. Listening to loud music through headphones affects the cells in the cochlea and causes abnormal brain behavior. There is a risk of becoming deaf. Texting or typing messages for an extended period of time can cause pain in the finger joints and in worse cases can lead to problems like arthritis. At some point it can turn into a long-term problem.

Excessive use of smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops and excessive television viewing are the most common causes of sleep problems or insomnia. Those who use such technology-products excessively before going to sleep may develop deficiency of melatonin in their body. The reason for this is the bright light emitted from the technology. At some point severe sleep problems occur and the risk of sleep disorder develops.

According to expert doctors, talking with headphones for a long time causes various problems in the ears. So you should not use headphones for a long time. You have to listen with gaps without listening continuously. Looking at the small screen of the mobile phone for a long time causes eye problems. Of course, these losses are not very easy to understand, after a long period of time they are gradually understood. Special care should be taken when giving smart devices to children. Also, adults should keep children away while using mobile phones. Addiction to smart devices is a huge detriment to society. Besides, there are health risks.

So I think, smart devices are used more than necessary should not If we want to save from mobile addiction or the harmful aspects of mobile, everyone should be aware of mobile usage. However, educated people can play a greater role in this. Because they can learn from different media news what are the disadvantages of mobile use? What common people don’t know. All these people should tell common people that mobile phones cannot be used without special needs. Should be used sparingly. Mobile in schools, colleges, madrasas, mosques The usage rules should be highlighted among the common people. Common people should also understand what problems are caused if they are used in excess. Under no circumstances should mobile phones be placed in the hands of small children, the electrolytic radiation of mobiles harms children’s eyes the most. If you give the mobile phone all the time, it can cause mobile addiction in the child. Due to this, children can become blind at once.

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