The fourth industrial revolution is going on all over the world. Bangladesh was also not affected by this fourth industrial revolution. Forced to sustain their own interests and existence, they must face the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution – or fall out of the trend of development. So far in the history of human civilization, three industrial revolutions have changed the course of the whole world and the way of life of people. We have been able to reach this stage by going through three more industrial revolutions one by one in the past days. Now we have entered the fourth industrial revolution era. Here too we have to move forward with our own skills and techniques. Industrial revolution is the improvement in the factories instead of constant more time and labor of human beings with the help of information technology and the production of large quantities in a short time at low cost is called industrial revolution. A rapid and radical change in any field is commonly called an industrial revolution. In the industrial revolution, every factory in Bangladesh should come under this. Newspapers are an industry. As such, newspapers and journalists must also come under the scope of the fourth industrial revolution. Newspapers and journalists have to be smart. The newspaper industry of Bangladesh and all its related workforce are currently working in the fourth industrial revolution. Journalists also need to be smart journalists to build a smart Bangladesh announced by our Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The English word ‘smart’ has been associated with the subject of journalism since very early times. Being a journalist means he has to be smart. But earlier the term smart of journalists meant smart in physical and dress. But to be a smart journalist today, you have to be smart in your work and skills along with your previous physical and dress smarts. At the same time, newspapers also need to come out of the previous analog mind-set. For example, if journalists send news by post in one day, it would take 4/5 days to reach the office. Then it was printed. After 1/2 day, the printed newspaper would go to the Mafswal area. Then people would read it if they wanted or it would be sold at that price. Because there was no free use of information technology. But now the information technology is so smart that when and how it happens in any part of the world is disseminated and published within moments. People don’t sit as before. Change has come in people too. Because he has to change the world of thought in keeping with the times. Must be progressive. You have to adapt yourself to new technologies. New skills have to be acquired. In short, being interested in any new subject and questioning it is the natural behavior of a journalist. A journalist should be like a child in a mother’s arms. As a child has an interest in learning and listening to new things, smart journalism should be like that today. Just as a child goes out on the street and keeps asking his parents, ‘What is this, what is that, why did this happen, how did that happen?’, similarly a journalist after leaving his house should ask childish questions about any subject. Then unknown information and news will come out. But in the era of smart journalism, it is not just about finding new information, people want to see new things. That is, people prefer to see more than written news. For which most of the newspapers in the country are now showing the flow of news through video along with written news in front of the reader’s eyes. Now most of the newspapers in the country are changing their style to keep up with the times. Now, if a journalist is hired in a newspaper, they first know his writing skills, speaking style and many other things. Can video journalism be done like television journalism? Because people are busy now, time is less. People now want all in one. That’s why newspaper editors are giving or trying to give everything in one to suit the reader. Starting from the front page of print newspapers, several pages now regularly show ‘QR code’, where a video related to the written news is made for the readers. Video galleries have taken the place where websites used to have only photo galleries. Where online news used to be presented using more images, nowadays news is being organized by embedding videos and social media posts. Mass media is moving forward with more interaction with the reader. Smart Bangladesh media and smart journalists should play a greater role. Because Bangladesh is trying to move forward as a partner, they are much ahead of our Bangladesh. With that in mind, the foremost journalists should be smarter on all sites. The media should work with the mentality of publishing the daily activities of Smart Bangladesh first. A smart journalist needs to be a good reporter, a good co-editor, a good photographer, a good videographer and, in some cases, a video editor. However, such journalists, both at home and abroad, are still bullied by the rest of the ‘mainstream’ journalists. 

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