Sifat Rizwan Nafi, a name that’s rapidly becoming synonymous with musical excellence, hails from the picturesque district of Narsingdi and grew up in the vibrant city of Dhaka. Despite being a student in the 8th grade at BAF Shaheen English Medium College, Dhaka, Nafi’s journey in the world of music began at an early age.
From his earliest memories, Nafi was drawn to the harmonium and the melodious world of song. This budding talent quickly caught the eye of many, and his dedication soon led him to achieve several noteworthy awards and accolades. Remarkably, Sifat Rizwan Nafi has collected more than 100 awards, showcasing his exceptional prowess in the world of music.
In 2021, he made waves as the second runner-up in the prestigious reality show “BRB Shera Der Shera.” His ability to captivate audiences with his mesmerizing voice and stage presence set him apart as a true musical talent.
Nafi’s remarkable musical prowess didn’t stop there. In the same year, he was honored with the Jatia Shikkha Shoptaho Best Singer Award, a recognition of his exceptional vocal abilities that resonated across Bangladesh. Moreover, his trophy cabinet is adorned with numerous awards earned through his outstanding performances in Inter-School competitions and other musical contests.
With more than 30 music videos to his credit, Sifat Rizwan Nafi has had the privilege of collaborating with some of Bangladesh’s most renowned singers, including the illustrious Moushumi Akhter Salma, and the versatile Fazlur Rahman Babu, among others. Sifat Rizwan Nafi’s upcoming music videos are eagerly awaited by fans who have come to admire his soulful voice and captivating performances.
Behind Sifat Rizwan Nafi’s meteoric rise lies unwavering support from his family. His mother, Jesmin Ara Easmin, has been a constant source of inspiration, standing by him through every step of his musical journey. His father, Dr. Mohammad Deluar Hossain, has also been a pillar of support in his pursuit of a musical career.
Not only a singer, but Sifat Rizwan Nafi has also lent his voice to several TV commercials, including popular brands like Horlicks and Cocola, showcasing his versatility as a voice artist. His performances have graced the screens of various television channels, including Duronto TV, Boishakhi TV, and Bangladesh National Television.
Moreover, Sifat Rizwan Nafi has taken his talent to the digital realm. He has his own YouTube channel and Facebook page named “Sifat Rizwan Nafi,” where fans can stay connected with his music and updates on his journey.
Looking ahead, Sifat Rizwan Nafi aspires to build a formidable career in the music industry and follow in the footsteps of his idol, the renowned Indian singer Arijit Singh. His dreams extend beyond personal success; he envisions using his talent to represent and serve his beloved homeland, Bangladesh, on the global stage.
In a world that is constantly seeking fresh talent and voices, Sifat Rizwan Nafi’s journey is one to watch closely. With his dedication, talent, and dreams, he is well on his way to leaving an indelible mark on the music industry and making Bangladesh proud on the world stage. As Sifat Rizwan Nafi awaits the release of his upcoming music videos, music enthusiasts and fans eagerly anticipate what this rising star will bring to the world of music next.

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