Shyampur-sub-registry office’s millionaire peon Tajul Islam, complaint to ACC

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Various allegations of irregularities and corruption have been found against Tajul Islam, an office assistant working in the Shyampur-Sub-Registry Office in the capital Dhaka.

It has been alleged that he has bought assets of crores of rupees with the money earned through corruption, construction of multi-storied buildings, 10 wood plots, flats. On November 28, a person named Morshed Alam filed a written complaint with the Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) on the pad of a human rights organization.

A powerful syndicate has been formed under the leadership of Tajul Islam, an office assistant working in the Shyampur-Subregistry office. If the syndicate does not work as it says, it creates various complications and harasses the service recipients. Not only the service recipients but also the office colleagues themselves are expelled from the workplace if they do not work as promised. His lifestyle is luxurious. Four persons are constructing a 12-storey building in Meraj Nagar of Kadmatoli police station area on the basis of partnership, there are 10 khata land, flats in Mastmazhi area of Demra police station.

However, Tajul Islam, an office assistant working in Shyampur-sub-registry office, denied these allegations.

By working as a peon, Tajul became the owner of huge wealth. He has earned crores of rupees through corruption. When asked about the fact that he has more than one house in Dhaka city, Tajul Islam told Daily Sakal Time, I joined this office in March 2023, I have no assets anywhere.

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