Shafiuddin Shamim’s initiative brought smiles to the faces of 56 families of Bhavanipur in Barura

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Mohammad Masud Majumder

In the afternoon of Friday 27th October in the Bataichhari Islamia Dakhil Madrasa premises of Barura Upazila, Bhavanipur Union Awami League and its affiliates organized a ceremony in the Comilla-8 (Barura) Constituency as the boat symbol of Bangladesh Awami League, Comilla South District Awami League Vice President A. Z. M. With the financing of Shafiuddin (Shamim), 1 auto rickshaw to 9 helpless men of Bhavanipur Union, 1 sewing machine to 9 helpless women, medical assistance to 9 sick patients, maternity allowance to 9 pregnant women, 20 Retired and veteran Awami League leaders were given honors and gifts and financial assistance was given to 9 mosques.

A member of Comilla District South Awami League and former president of Bhavanipur Union Awami League Abu Taher Bhuiyan was present as the chief guest in the event. Z. M. Shafiuddin (Shamim).

It will alleviate the plight of destitute women in the livelihood of helpless and indigent men, health issues of maternity mothers and those who are unable to get treatment in the throes of extreme poverty, who are said to be a unique and humanitarian initiative to stand by the families by extending humanitarian help to them.

People who came to collect autorickshaws and sewing machines and medical aid and maternity allowance had a different expression of contentment and achievement. There was an expression of satisfaction among the senior Awami League leaders who came to the gathering to receive the award. They say Shamim Saheb is new in active politics but he is old in political etiquette. We all should learn from the initiative he took to honor and gift senior leaders. Teams where leaders and workers do not get the respect they deserve do not produce dedicated workers.

In the speech of the chief guest. Z. M. Shafiuddin (Shamim) said, as always, I am working to improve the quality of life of the local residents by prioritizing five basic issues – 1) reducing interdependence and creating skilled manpower, 2) reducing the health risks of pregnant mothers and unborn children, 3) helping the poor. Providing medical aid 4) Construction and renovation of religious places of worship, 5) Appreciation of dedicated, selfless, devoted and senior leaders of the party. I feel blessed to be able to reach out to the people through today’s event, to stand by those who are living here in various problems and to honor the senior and dedicated leaders of the party.

Meanwhile, a total of 13 unions and municipalities including Aganagar, Payalgacha, Shilmuri (D), Shilmuri (N), Khoshbas (D), Shakpur, Khoshbas (D), Adra, Jhlam, Chitda, Galimpur, Vauksar and Lakshipur of the upazila. He said that the work of distribution of grant, honoring and organization of party leaders and workers has been completed in Ward No. 5, 8 and 9, and these activities will be continued in each union and municipality of Barura Upazila.

He also said that independence and sovereignty of Bangladesh was achieved in 1971 through 9 months bloody war under the leadership of Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Bangabandhu’s unfinished dream of building Sonar Bangla is being realized by his privileged daughter Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. Under his far-reaching and dynamic leadership, Bangladesh is now a role model and wonder of the world in its development and prosperity. Bangladesh has now become a developing country from a less developed country. He said that the development in the country’s infrastructure and socio-economic sector which normally takes 45 years, under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, we have been able to do it in 15 years.

Our country’s infrastructure has undergone drastic changes. By reducing interdependence, we have achieved self-sufficiency in food, power generation, healthcare. The scenario of the country has changed with the implementation of a significant number of mega projects. All the civic amenities that a modern road has to offer are implemented here, including Metrorail, Elevated Expressway and Bangabandhu Tunnel. Today, Bangladesh has become the 32nd member of the World Atomic Club through the Rooppur 2,000 MW nuclear power plant. A revolutionary change has been achieved in agriculture. Our average life expectancy has increased to 72 years, our education rate has increased.

He called upon the people of Barura to work together for the development of the area. He said that Barura is an expatriate-dominated area, there is no house here where someone does not live abroad. But the sad thing is that due to lack of any kind of skills or work-oriented technical education, expatriates of our country go to work abroad for low wages, later they cannot do much when they come back home. He emphasized on imparting technical education in Barura with his own funding. He requested everyone to strive to teach respect and honor to the elders and similarly love and manners to the younger ones to promote mutual harmony and amity.

It is noted that Shafiuddin Shamim has been working for a long time personally and through his established SQ Foundation to improve the quality of life of people in Comilla South i.e. Barura through multifaceted support programs including food, education, medical treatment and housing. Moreover, Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s multi-dimensional development activities, achievements and social security programs are widely highlighted.

Hafiz Ahmed, advisory member of Comilla South District Awami League and former chairman of Barura Upazila Parishad, former member of Comilla South District Awami League and former mayor of Barura Municipality Md. Bahaduruzzaman, female vice chairman of Barura Upazila Parishad and joint convener of Awami Mahila League Kamrun were present as special guests. Nahar Shikha, Former Joint General Secretary of Barura Upazila Awami League and Chairman of Aganagar Union Parishad, Mazharul Islam Mithu, Former President of Barura Upazila Awami Volunteer League and Chairman of Jhlam Union Parishad, Nurul Islam Nuru, Shilmuri (D): Chairman of Union Parishad, Alhaj Farooq Hossain Bhuiyan, Adra Union. Council Chairman Rakibul Hasan Limon, former VP of Barura Shaheed Smriti Government College Abdul Mannan, member of Barura Upazila Awami League Moniruzzaman Babul, former general secretary of Barura Municipality Awami League Salim Jahangir, former president of Bhavanipur Union Awami League Md. Sirajul Islam, former general of Barura Upazila Chhatra League. Secretary Nashir Uddin Mihir, former president of Barura Upazila Chhatra League Md Farhad Hossain and reserved women councilor Minuara Begum and others.

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