Safayet Hossain Sajeeb of Barisal 3 seat candidate seeking nomination of Awami League

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Awami League candidate for Barisal 3 Muladi and Babuganj constituencies in the upcoming national elections, former vice-president of Bangabandhu Law Students Parishad and executive member of Dhaka Lawyers Association and executive member of Supreme Court Bar Association Ad. Safayet Hossain Sajib Muladi to work for the development of the common people of Babuganj.

He has made announcements through various media recently seeking the nomination of Awami League in the upcoming national elections. In the meantime, Muladi of Barisal 3 constituencies has started a courtesy meeting with common people in Babuganj area with tea chat.

Following the ideals of the Father of the Nation, Bangabandhu, he started his political life as a Chhatra League activist. He used to participate in various programs of the Awami League while he was studying in the primary school, seeing his father and local mentors. And Safayet Hossain requested everyone’s prayers and cooperation as an Awamili candidate in the next national election. Thinking about the development of the neglected Muladi Babuganj, he asked for the nomination of Awami League in the upcoming national elections.

The current government has not done any development work in this Barisal 3 constituencies. Therefore, if the development trend of the current government is to be continued, he demanded to give Awami League candidate in this seat.

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