Rumors of breakup in Bollywood star Fardeen Khan’s family

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Bollywood actor Fardeen Khan’s family is rumored to be breaking up. Various media reports say that his marriage with his wife Natasha Madhavani has split. Rumors are rife across Bollywood that they are heading for a divorce.

Fardin and Natasha got married in 2005. They have two children, daughter Diani and son Azarius. They have been married for 18 years. Although Fardin’s career took a downturn, his relationship with Natasha did not. Rather, they were called ‘The It’ couple of Bollywood. Fardin said several times that he found his wife as a pillar in the crisis.

But Bollywood is abuzz with the news of Fardeen and Natasha’s divorce. An Indian media brought the matter to the fore. It is heard that Fardin and Natasha have been separated for the past one year.

Natasha lives in London with her two children. Fardin is with his mother in Mumbai. However, Fardin and Natasha did not open their mouths about the matter. Fardin and Natasha have decided to divorce by mutual consent.

Fardin and Natasha were not getting along for several days. They also tried to maintain the marriage. But nothing was resolved. So they decided to divorce by mutual consent.

The two were living separately for a year. Now they are moving towards the legal process. But Fardin and Natasha want to keep the matter on a personal level.

Fardeen is the son of Bollywood actor Feroze Khan. Actress Mumtaz’s daughter Natasha. They are known to be in a circle since their youth. Married in 2005.

Daughter Diani was born in 2013. Son Azarius was born in 2017. Although Fardeen’s career suffered a setback, they had a happy family.

Fardin was last seen on the big screen in 2010. She did a great performance in the movie ‘Dulha Mil Gaya’. Then he took a break from acting.

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