Football superstar Saudi Arabia’s pro league player of the month CR Seven Ronaldo, a member of Al Nasser club in Saudi Arabia, was discussed not only on the field of play, but also for humanitarian work like in the past.
It is known that Ronaldo, the servant of humanity, has taken the responsibility of Nabil Saeed, a small fan who lost everything in the earthquake in Turkey.  Although Saeed wanted to meet his favorite star at least once in his life, finally his dream came true.  Portuguese superstar met with Nabil.  It was followed and published  media including Saudi yesterday Saturday.
According to the report, 10-year-old Nabil expressed his desire to meet Ronaldo to rescue teams helping earthquake victims in Turkey.  The video clip instantly went viral on social media and caught the attention of the Saudi authorities.
General Entertainment Authority board chairman Turki Alalsikh shared the clip on Twitter and demanded Nabil’s identity.  He even welcomed Nabeel and his mother to Saudi Arabia. In the video that went viral, Nabeel was asked who he would like to travel to Saudi Arabia with? Nabeel replied, ‘My father and mother’, but quickly corrected himself saying-  His father is no more. On February 6, Nabil’s father died in a terrible earthquake in Turkey and Syria.
 Nabil’s desire to watch Ronaldo’s game as well as to meet with him has also been fulfilled. After seeing Ronaldo, Nabil goes to shake hands saying ‘I love you’.  And at that time, Ronaldo asked Nabil about him.
According to media reports, Ronaldo has taken the responsibility of Nabil’s education. Not only Nabil, this football star and servant of humanity Ronaldo has also taken responsibility for many poor and helpless children.

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