Risk of death of people increasing due to fake and adulterated drugs

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With all the adulteration of products in our country now people’s life savers Medicines are also adulterated and counterfeited. which are consumed to protect health It is the opposite. From the capital to remote areas of the country, adulterated drugs People at grave risk. Various initiatives are taken by the concerned department to solve the problem Even if taken, the general cannot be freed from the influence of adulterers people Day by day the problem is becoming more obvious. Manufacture of adulterated drugs The reason for this seems to be that the traders and sellers are not properly punished Common people are doing. Although Bangladeshi medicines have a good reputation in the world market, in the drug trade across the country In endless anarchy, fake, adulterated and low-quality medicines spread to people Life is in danger. Counterfeit, adulterated and low-quality medicines are everywhere in the country Production and marketing cannot be controlled in any way.

There are few organized for this anarchic situation in the drug trade across the country Chakra is said to be playing a key role. Monitoring is necessary and effective Because of the lack of punishment, counterfeiters are reckless. Companies that Those who are accused of manufacturing fake and adulterated drugs are the same Engaged in activity. Many times patients are healthy due to adulterated and fake medicines Instead of becoming sicker. The loss of life is not less. but The people responsible for those incidents get away time and again through loopholes in the law. Exemplary punishment of the guilty cannot be ensured. In most cases Hosts remain elusive. Health is the root of all happiness. Good health requires health awareness, doctors and medicine. And medicine is the only controller of illness. Currently in Bangladesh The pharmaceutical industry is going through better times than ever before doing The pharmaceutical industry of Bangladesh produces all the necessary medicines of the country Able to market. The market of the country despite the incredible progress of the pharmaceutical industry He became addicted to fake drugs. As a result, the quality of medicine is constantly confused They are common people.

A class of drug companies are more profitable Asa is making different types of fake drugs. These are fake drugs Patients are suffering from complex and difficult diseases by consumption. many times Many patients die due to these drugs. Law enforcement forces Even if the operation is sometimes conducted to stop adulteration, adulteration cannot be stopped Drug abuse. Medicine experts say, starting from allopathic All Ayurvedic medicines contain adulterants. Drug companies belong to doctors Advising patients to take these medicines by showing various temptations. A Use of adulterated drugs due to lack of strict criminal penalties increasing Apart from this, corruption in the pharmaceutical sector, laxity of law enforcement, administration Lack of oversight, weak justice system, technical incompetence, efficient Lack of trained manpower is said to be the main reason for marketing adulterated drugs Those concerned think. Last June 10 on the occasion of ‘World Safe Food Day’ In an event organized by the Department of Consumer Rights Protection Officials said that 93 percent of the capital’s pharmacies have expired drugs being sold According to the World Health Organization, 15 percent of medicines in the world are adulterated. in between 35 percent of fake drugs are manufactured in India. Then 23 in Nigeria percentage 41% of the total drugs in this country are fake drugs. After that There is Pakistan where 15 percent of medicines are adulterated. All of the country The place is littered. Important products like medicines are also included in this has Various news about adulteration have been published at different times, but there are remedies It is easy to see that the arrangements have not been made. Lately it sounds like, unauthorized and pharmaceutical factories as well as for the manufacture of Unani medicines Licensed companies are adulterating marketed drugs giving Under the guise of Ayurvedic medicines, there are many fake medicines in such factories The matter of creation has been clarified by law enforcement and drug administration In the operation of the Directorate. The market is flooded with fake, adulterated and substandard drugs The news is often published in the media.

Hoping to cure the disease as a result There are many doubts in people’s minds even while buying medicine. Medicines are not good Ordinary people do not have the ability to verify whether it is bad, fake or genuine. If medicine kills life instead of saving it, then so be it becomes a matter of great concern. So against fake or adulterated drugs There is no option to raid. Such expeditions are carried out from time to time No, it’s not. Seizure of some fake or adulterated drugs during raids Either, those involved were arrested. According to law enforcement agencies, These fake medicines were made from flour, flour and various chemicals By mixing substances. Counterfeit several popular and widely used medicines The cycle used to market. Mitford area of the capital. Note that the country The biggest drug marketing center is fake drug market in Mitford area of Dhaka. News of becoming a center for adulterated, substandard drugs is often reported by various people comes to the media. In the past, this market was raided against harmful drugs The law and order forces have also faced obstacles while running members. Not only that, Mitford’s drug dealers shut down the market Held the blockade, calling for a strike at drug stores across the country Given – such incidents have also happened in the past. So fake medicine is prepared A drug dealer with marketing circles, influential circles and There should be a fair investigation whether the administration is involved.

Majority of the drug stores in the country are not licensed or approved. Because of this Fake and adulterated drugs are spreading through those shops. In this Public health is under threat. Previously, some areas of the capital were fake A drug factory was found. Also found in those places Counterfeit medicines of reputed brands. These fake drugs are there for marketing special network. That network is everything ron works. in the past Many children consume paracetamol syrup made by some drug companies has died Such a high number of child deaths has shocked any country can’t do without Experts in the search for the cause of this abnormality Policymakers should be losing sleep. But he is in our country Nothing happened. Departmental investigation by the concerned department of the government The defendants have fulfilled their duty by filing the case. Reid In the case of pharmaceuticals, it was found that the dead children No autopsy was done. That is why even if there are toxic ingredients in the medicine That is the cause of the death of those children, any such direct connection Establishment would never have been possible.

In our country since 1982 By 1992, 76 children had died of kidney failure. That’s the time caused a great stir. Paracetamol in case of child death at that time Expert doctors complained about the syrup. Adulterated paracetamol These deaths occur by eating. Kidney failure of children after taking those drugs It was done to eliminate the dealers of fake and adulterated drugs By any means possible. For this reason, to conduct regular raids on the drug market will be Detectives have to find all fake drug factories Through activity. Sellers of such drugs should also be brought to justice Under penalty. Counterfeit and adulterated drugs should be stopped first Doctors should come forward. Because until they are aware This will not stop until then. Fake for the common and innocent people of this country And it is not possible to detect fake drugs. Common people to doctors If you get commission from the company, the doctors are good and quality Instead of prescribing quality medicine, he prescribes bad medicine.

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