The first phase results for admission to various colleges and madrasas in class 11 have been declared. The result was published on the central website of the eleventh admission on Tuesday (September 5) around 8:30 pm. About 13 lakh students applied for college admission in the first phase.
The results can be seen by entering the central website of 11th admission Students can view the result by inputting their roll number, board name, year of pass and registration number. In this case, students have to enter a verification code, which is displayed on the specified webpage. According to the sources of the Inter Education Board Coordination Committee, the students selected in the first phase will get an opportunity to confirm the election from September 7 to 10. Students who have not applied for admission to the college in the first phase, they can apply for the second and third phase.
The second round of applications for admission to XI will be accepted on September 12-14. The second phase result will be declared on September 16. The first migration result will be published on 16 September. On September 17 and 18, the candidates selected in the second phase will have the opportunity to confirm the election. And on September 20 and 21, the third phase application will be announced on September 23.
On September 24 and 25, the third phase of election confirmation will continue. And the admission of students will continue from September 26 to October 5. Classes will start on October 8.
This year, the government has decided the admission fee of students in the eleventh class of various colleges. This time, the maximum admission fee for class 11 has been fixed at 8 thousand 500 taka. English version non-MPO colleges in Dhaka metropolitan area can charge admission fee at this rate. And non-MPO colleges of Bengali version of Dhaka Metropolitan can charge a maximum admission fee of 7 thousand 500 taka for admission in XI. Non-MPO colleges of Bengali version in metropolitan areas other than Dhaka can charge a maximum of Tk 5,000 and English version non-MPO colleges can charge a maximum of Tk 6,000. Bengali version non-MPO colleges at the district level can charge Tk 3 thousand and English version non MPO colleges Tk 4 thousand. And upazila level Bengali version non-MPO college can charge 2 thousand 500 taka and English version non-MPO college can charge 3 thousand taka. On the other hand, the admission fee of Dhaka Metropolitan MPO colleges in Bengali and English versions has been set at Tk 5,000. Bengali and English version MPO colleges in metropolitan areas other than Dhaka can charge a maximum admission fee of Tk 3,000. Bengali version MPO colleges at district level and English version MPO colleges can charge a fee of Tk 2,000. And in upazila level Bengali version MPO colleges can charge 1 thousand 500 taka and English version MPO colleges can charge 1 thousand 500 taka fee. The results of SSC and equivalent exams were published on August 28. 16 lakh 41 thousand students passed in it. Besides, nearly 2500 students have applied for re-verification of their results. There are about 26 lakh seats in class XI in colleges across the country. About 1.65 lakh students have passed all the boards. As such, more than 950,000 seats will remain vacant.

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