Request to take valuables with you if you leave Dhaka on Eid-DMP Commissioner

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Dhaka Metropolitan Police (DMP) Commissioner Khandaker Golam Farooq said three levels of security have been kept in Dhaka during Eid. He said this while talking to reporters at his office on Thursday (June 22) afternoon.

He urged those who will go to the village house or leave Dhaka during the Eid holidays to take everything valuable with them or leave them in a safe place.

The DMP Commissioner said, this time cow stalls will not be allowed to sit on the highway. For this, the concerned have been strictly instructed. He said, every market will have machines to detect fake money. All measures will be taken for the security of the market.

Almost every year before Eid, there are incidents of road blockades and discontent among garment workers for salary and bonuses. When asked whether any preemptive measures are being taken by the police, the DMP Commissioner said that the factory owners have been asked to pay the bonus to the garment workers before Eid.

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